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Has anyone read...


The Pendragon Adventure?

just wondering, i've never met anyone else who has, so...

the bread dragon:

i read the first book a few years ago, if memory serves correctly. i looked for the 2nd in a book store and couldnt find it, and sort of forgot about it!

I remember finding the first one at my library back when I was.... 14?, and even though they had the 3rd and 4th, they didn't have #2 at all strangely...

Oh, and I remember hearing about it out of nowhere like a week ago and apparently it's up to like ten books plus now?

There's 10 books in the main series but there's loads of prequels and sequels and stuff that I haven't read.

Have read the 10 though.
- Merchant of Death
- The Lost City of Faar
- The Never War
- The Realit Bug
- Blackwater
- The Rivers of Zadaa
- The Quillan Games
- The Pilgrims of Rayne
- Raven Rise
- The Soldiers of Halla

There's like books about all the travellers and a guide to all the territories and stuff.

I can't believe that literally two years ago today I finished the series (I note down when I start/finish a series.)

the bread dragon:
i dug through my bookshelf the today and as it turns out i actually own the first one
started reading it today, and its pretty interesting. i think ill try to get through all 10 as im enjoying this one so far


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