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When is the best time to read?

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That Girl in the 'Roo Suit:
I love a good book, but these days it seems like I do not really have much time, so I like to try and find it wherever I can.

For me, the best time to read is when you're relaxed. On holiday, for example, when you have a day to yourself to just chill on the beach, by the pool, wherever, with your nose stuck in a book.

Mind you, given the chance I can read anywhere. I usually choose to do so on my break at work, sitting by the bar with a good book. It's less anti-social than bringing my 3DS, seeing as I can read and still hold a conversation without shouting needlessly at the console...

From personal experience, the best time to read is in the bath. The swish of the water drowns out noise, you can close the door, and there's something inherently relaxing about it which gets you really stuck into a book. The only disadvantages are that your fingers get clammy and you get books wet so if they're library books/borrowed books/books you intend to at any point give to someone else it's not the best of ideas. I am an avid fan of this method, though.

lets all go out for some frosty chocolate milkshakes:
on the toilet or before bed

not kidding these are the best two times to read why do you think bathroom bookshelves and bedside tables were invented

like i find its the only two times of day my brains "what are words?? maybe if i swap the letters around this'll make sense???" stuff decides not to happen for some reason

i've dropped a book in the bath so many times, i had to give it up...

i like reading on public transport. occupies my time. i either read or do crosswords, depending on how i feel. reading at home, late at night, maybe for 30 minutes before i sleep is always nice. sometimes 30 minutes will unknowingly turn into 2 hours and it's 3am before i realise...

Moon Chaser:
The bus journey to college and then the half an hour after the bus until college starts. I've managed to get though two books so far this year.


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