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my black two team


This is my team. Im not thinking of changing it just wanted to see how other people see it. but feel free to leave suggestions, such as moves.  ;D

Samurott lvl 60 moves: Aqua tail, razor, shell, waterfall, surf
Azumarill lvl 63 moves: surf, hydro pump, bounce, superpower
Galvantula lvl 61 moves: signal beam, discharge, bug buzz, cut
Lucario lvl 63 moves: close combat, streangth, heal pulse, aura sphere
Crobat lvl 63 moves: wing attack, poison fang, fly, air slash
Genesect lvl 62 moves: techno blast, bug buzz, simple beam, tri attack

Ok, the teams core is good, but I'll go through moves one at a time

-> Aqua Tail - Good move, no improvement
-> Razor Shell - Useless, it's just a weaker Aqua tail, try X-Scissor
-> Waterfall - See Razor Shell, try Ice Beam
-> Surf - Awesome move

-> Surf - Azumarill shouldn't have special moves, try aqua tail
-> Hydro Pump - As above, try Return
-> Bounce - Decent coverage move
->Superpower - Awesome move

-> Signal Beam - Good bug move
-> Discharge - Maybe use thunderbolt, still a good move though
-> Bug Buzz - Outclassed by signal beam, try Volt switch
-> Cut - An awful move, try return

Lucario - No improvements

-> Wing attack - Decent move, but maybe swap for acrobatics
-> Poison fang - good STAB move
-> Fly - I love this move, my crobat has it
-> Air Slash - All your other moves are physical so keep to that, try X-Scissor

Genesect - Never used nor faced him, so I don't know much about him, but simple beam isn't a great move.

Are you ever considering tournaments? If so, Genesect isn't the one for you. It's in the Uber tier, meaning most general Smogon tournaments ban him (unless it's an uber tournament.)

I'd replace heal pulse with Swords Dance and find a better support Pkmn. A good one I use is Blissey, for example. A wide move range, a huge natural HP EV, and the ability to support your team in healing. And like quack kinda said, HMs are awful for big teams unless it's some water move like Surf or Waterfall.

Are you EV training them in any way/shape/or form? If so you might want to reconsider movesets.


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