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Alright here's my planned team. I'm going to EV train all of them, but I only have two freshly hatched. I'm also only going into basic IVs (asking guy at gear station) and natures.

Weaville - Attack, Speed
Hydreigon - Attack, Special Attack
Blaziken - Attack, Special Attack
Blisssy - HP, Special Defense
Gallade - Attack, Speed
Vaporeon - HP, Defense

Thoughts? Thanks.

The last sheikah:
It's a decent starting point, but:
1. Although Blaziken's Special Attack is decent, its Physical attack and movepool are simply better. Mixed Blaziken has basically no advantage coverage-wise other Physical, so going HP/Atk or Atk/Spd would make more sense.
2. To a lesser extent, the same is true of Hydreigon. Hydreigon gains a few things like Earthquake and Superpower through Physical, making it worth it, but I would usually just go for a special attacker.
3. What is this designed for? Presumably since it's in-game, you want it for random matchup, battle subway, PWT etc., but be aware that some people on forums play by Smogon's rules, which ban Blaziken.
4. Speaking of Blaziken, I'm guessing you're going to go for the vastly superior Speed Boost, which is its dream world ability.
5. Do you know what moves you're giving them? It doesn't look like any of those really need egg moves (as long as you can use move tutors), but it's always good to plan ahead.

Richard and Blaziken:
This team cannot be actually competitive, because Blaziken is banned from OU, meaning that this team would only be usable in Ubers, and you'd be steamrolled by Pokemon like Kyogre, Arceus, Giratina and Kyurem-White.

Looking at this just as a team, however, you have a pretty big Fighting weakness that would be easy to exploit. Choice Scarf Terrakion OHKOs Weavile, Hydreigon, Blaziken and Blissey with Close Combat.

Weavile is generally outclassed in competitive by Mamoswine, due to better typing and access to a better secondary STAB in Earthquake, as well as better overall bulk. Weavile also has 25% of it's health ripped off by Stealth Rock, whereas Mamoswine has 12.5% taken.

As said, Hydreigon is mostly better off as a special attacker, but there is merit in it going mixed, mostly in using Superpower to hit Blissey on the switch-in.

Gallade may be redundant with Blaziken, but if you're removing Blaziken (which you will have to do to actually play competitive OU, due to it being banned from OU), Gallade may be worth keeping. Keep in mind, however, that there are better Fighting types for OU, such as Breloom, Terrakion, Scrafty, Keldeo and Conkeldurr, to name a few. If you're dead-set on keeping Gallade, I'll help you out with it to maximize it's usefulness on your team, though.

Thanks for the suggestions guys. I was going for Blaziken mainly for a mix of fire and fighting and his dream world ability, but if he's banned I won't use him. I might also swap Weaville for Mamoswime, after taking a look at both's base stats. As for a fire type advantage, I was either thinking Volcarona, Arcanine, Chandelure, or Magmortor.


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