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Okay, the RP board was looking a bit deprived and I’ve had this one stored in my notes for around 9 months now, may as well put it to use. Not yet sure if I’ll join, probably will but I’ll see how I do time wise, but I’m certainly okay managing entries etc. ^^ Was a tough choice between this or the more recent one on a similar curse possessing people, but this seemed like fun xD
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As many of you know, America was always a nation that liked to think of itself as indestructible, particularly as the 2040s drew to a close. Perhaps it was this arrogance that lead to the unforgettable events of the 7th October 2053 or perhaps it was simply a statement made by the third world that they would be oppressed by the west no more. The political build up to those events was gargantuan, and for those of you who had not been following I shall briefly outline.


In 2001, an event happened that shocked the world. Many of you will remember even now, 69 years later, the events of September 11th 2001. This event initially sparked a war between the US & Afghanistan, but frankly this war in itself was nothing on the long standing implications of the tension caused. The war on terrorism had created somewhat of a tension between the east and the west. Syria & North Korea became problematic in the years to follow, both of them being quashed by the west. The east became scared, and with the increased tension war was just waiting to break out.

China was torn between its loyalty to the east and its growing place on the world market, it's 2043 now and they're doing so much trade with America that they're the most powerful eastern force, but with every border threatening invasion they do something drastic. China shuts down trade with the west. Completely. America was enraged at this, but they now had to face the United Eastern Alliance.

The USA announced war on all that stood in the name of the UEA, but this alliance had a weapon far beyond what anyone could have imagined. Russia had all but been forgotten about, it had slowly sunk off America’s priorities as it ran short of oil and didn't seem to pose any real threat, but America fell afoul of a mistake it made long in the past. Back in 1969, the lunar landing had been staged. The US believed the world had fallen for it, but Russia had had spies that knew the real reason they hadn't landed.

The moons core contains an unstable isotope of Xenon, something thought to be impossible with it being a noble gas. Technology in the 60s made this completely inconceivable for landing to be acheived, but Russia had been putting billions of dollars into researching it and had eventually succeeded in not only reaching the moon but farming this Xenon. They debated announcing this, but realised it'd be far more appropriate to research Xenon technology secretly.

From this research, the eclipse cannon was born, a chemical weapon so powerful it could completely wipe out the population of an entire country. The UEA realised this was their only chance at stopping oppression from the west, and so without warning, on 7th of October 2053, America was annihilated. The death toll was occurred was so great that, for just a split second, time itself seemed to stutter, and like a heart skipping a beat time froze for just a nanosecond.


17 years on, you are reading this letter stating how these implications affect us. As many of you know, archaeologist Agar Smythe found an Egyptian tomb so obscure no one could decipher the hieroglyphs that lay inside. By chance, Agar stumbled on a word and his mispronunciation was the correct pronunciation of the hieroglyphs, and in an instant the cackles of a twisted soul chilled the spines of leaders around the world. Egyptian words so spiteful they felt like scarab beetles in your ear were spoken, to Agar's horror announcing temporal glaciation. This is why our world is now frozen in time, but I fear the worst is still to come. One hieroglyph in the tomb could be read very easily. That hieroglyph is the one of Apep. Apophis. Chaos incarnate. What the implications of this are we do not yet know, but Egyptologists believed if we retrieved an orb stored in the spire of every major obelisk in the world we may be able to prevent the consequences.

Every country realised the magnitude of what was happening and so immediately handed over what was necessary but it was not enough. World leaders almost simultaneously realised exactly why this was. The Washington monument is an obelisk. It is for this reason I write to you, and I plea to you for the sake of the world that you use your powers to help this world. If you would be so brilliant as to do so, please, please meet inside Big Ben at 17:00 on 31st October.

Simone Fletcher
Head of the United Nations


In this RP, you will play a character who has received powers in some way or another and have had those powers concealed by MI5 ((British internal intelligence system - think CIA I guess if you don't know what MI5 is, it's close enough for this story)). You owe Simone a favour in some way or another, what this favour may be I shall leave you to decide. America is mostly intact, as Xenon in this story is more of a radioactive thing so think nuclear fallout but more extreme however less structural damage, as we need the Washington monument to be intact xD ideas for problems we may encounter include mutated life forms, odd 'weather', distorted space/time (although remember that generally, any non-living thing is trapped in time similar to PMD2) etc, however most things are fine so long as they aren't completely ridiculous like a horde of fire breathing unicorns xD It’s also possible for Egyptian deities to be guarding the area closer to the monument – but keep it to more evil ones (e.g. Not Ra, but something like Anubis which isn’t evil but he’s in a slightly shady line of work would be fine ^_^)

Soooo, the form:

--- Code: ---Name: <Your characters real name, this can be anything, so yes, you really imaginative people can have your own name>

Alias: <Your character’s name that either they or MI5 gave them to cover up their identity. You know? The Flash, Robin, Nightwing, Green Lantern or whatever?> [Optional - could have just not used powers in public]

Age: <That number people sometimes refer to you as? You know 'you're 30' or whatever? Nothing too young though, unless your ability is similar to Shazam>

Gender: <Male o... You know what? This can be an intelligence test. If you can't fill this field in, you can't join xD>

Description: <physical description and personality, please. At least 10 lines, preferably a little more, if possible>

Power: <Brief description of power(s)>

History: <include how they got their power. 10 lines minimum, but again, preferably more>

Other: <any other information you feel is relevant>
--- End code ---

May I ask what kind of powers are accepted? I intend to join this but I reread many times and I'm still not sure what kind of powers you mean.


--- Quote from: Breaking Blaziken on August 16, 2015, 00:57 ---May I ask what kind of powers are accepted? I intend to join this but I reread many times and I'm still not sure what kind of powers you mean.

--- End quote ---

Could be literally anything, as long as it's not crazy powerful like creating supernovas or something. Try and keep them border line realistic (obviously powers are innately unrealistic, but firing fire out your hand could be sort of loosely explained as channeling excess body heat or something, whereas being able to create ice breathing sheep by blinking is not so easily explained xD) a few loose ideas for powers could be flight, sap the heat from anything you touch (ice powers sort of thing), mind reading. But yeah, pretty much anything is okay :)

That Girl in the 'Roo Suit:
I don't know if I have the time to join this, what with work kicking off soon and such, but if you need an Egyptological consultant I'll be glad to help ;]

Just going to put my half done form here for now, just so I don't lose it!

Name: Garret Blair

Alias: Valence

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Description: Garret is slender, measuring around 32 inch around the waist. He is fairly average height, being around 5’11”, but his limbs are very long, with him having roughly 34 inch length on his legs. His build is fairly muscular, but no more than would look normal, and he weighs in at around 80kg. With fairly light skin, he has snow-white hair that’s fairly long and messy, quite often lifted up with gel. His eyes complement his hair colour nicely, being a very deep azure colour.

Power: Garret is able to channel his bio-electricity and amplify it to fire in short, visible burst of lightning. The extent of this he can use with little issue would be perhaps setting fire to something reasonably flammable (e.g. paper, wood, oil), stopping someone’s heart, act as a defibrillator and similar amounts of power. With very, very immense concentration and at a great toll to his health, he could potentially carry out nuclear fission/fusion by overcoming electrostatic forces within the nuclei of atoms. He also has a hyper-metabolism and increased appetite due to needing to fuel the hyper-active mitochondria which keep his bio-electricity flowing.

History: <include how they got their power. 10 lines minimum, but again, preferably more>

Other: <any other information you feel is relevant>

--- Quote from: That Girl in the 'Roo Suit on August 16, 2015, 12:37 ---I don't know if I have the time to join this, what with work kicking off soon and such, but if you need an Egyptological consultant I'll be glad to help ;]

--- End quote ---

Aww thanks Lottie ^^ (also Egyptological is /totally/ a word ;) )


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