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Machoke, Hitmonlee or Primape?

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The name master:
I'm going to play Red at some point, which fighting type should I have?

The rest of my team is probably something like this:


I want it!


Grinding it from lvl15 when my Pokemon are 30! D:




Don't know why I want it! I got no electric types!


lvl15 to 55? D:D:D:D:

Hitmonlee.  Obviously.

Idk, it's probably a tossup between Primeape and Hitmonlee. Machoke's the lowest attack and speed for the trade off of being marginally bulkier, but as it'll get hit more that's kind of irrelevant. Primeape and Hitmonlee is basically bulkie & a bit faster vs more power, I'd probably go Hitmonlee because not only is its attack higher, it naturally learns stronger STAB moves too. Although its special stat is /atrocious/ (35 base, 50 HP too so it'll die to anything lmao), but yeah its not like Primeape is much bulkier so I'd probably rather have all the power I can get. Also:

--- Quote from: PokeMaster9001 on February 25, 2017, 19:40 ---Hitmonlee.  Obviouslee.

--- End quote ---


The name master:
I could also get a Poliwrath, but I'd have to get rid of Lapras and no fighting types! I could then get an electric type, since my team lacks it!

sans the skeleton:
Poliwrath is part fighting in gen 1, I'm pretty sure


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