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Things you noticed in Doctor Who

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The name master:
0:32 There's a bowl that says "DOG" XD

He's The Dog-ter!

The Doctor says to Rose that the TARDIS translates anything that anyone says into the language of whoever is listening. Since The Doctor is from another planet, it makes you wonder if the TARDIS translates him too!

The Shrub Dragon:
i've only watched the episode with the big wasp and donna but i've noticed that the tardis works which is preposterous because it should have unsavoury leaflets stuck to the walls and every time the doctor tries to travel it should go "sorry, this substation is not in order.  please find another substation" because of years of london not maintaining it and years of vandalism

The name master:
It's good to know that there's such diversity in the Dalek empire that they even allow blind ones!

--- Quote from: The Shrub Dragon on October 08, 2017, 12:31 --- it should have unsavoury leaflets stuck to the walls

--- End quote ---
I think that happened in Vincent And The Doctor...


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