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What Did You Watch As A Kid?

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The name master:
When I was young, I watched Teletubbies!

I just happened to remember the windmill! Lol

I searched it and looked on Wikipedia. I then remembered Noo Noo! X)

I always wondered what would happen if the pink sparkles from the windmill touched the Teletubbies. Unfortunately, this is as close as I got!

I am disappointed.

What did you watch?

I used to watch tv a lot when I was a kid. Not so much now though. I have to admit, I only watched the really kiddie ones because my mum used to be a foster carer when I was younger.

The Raggy Dolls
Bear In The Big Blue House
Watership Down (I can't believe parents actually let their kids watch this one!)
Bernard's Watch
The Worst Witch
The Demon Headmaster

Not to mention, pretty much everything on Cartoon Network.

I absolutely LOVED watching a lot of game shows as a kid too.

The Crystal Maze
Robot Wars
Wheel Of Fortune
Family Fortunes
Supermarket Sweep
Win, Lose Or Draw
The Price Is Right
The Weakest Link
Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

Captain Jigglypuff:
Literally anything on tv whether I understood what was happening or not. Mainly Nickelodeen and QVC. Yeah I actually watched QVC as a kid and on a daily basis.

The name master:
Oh yeah! Tweenies was another!

I also watched Sonic Underground, Adventures Of Super Mario Bros 3 and Super Mario World. The amount of times I drove my dad to (even more) insanity with repeats!

I don't know if I watched Noddy!

not chloe:
Fun fact but Enid Blyton (the creator of Noddy and some other stuff like the Famous Five and stuff) was actually my grandad's cousin 😌

I loved the Tweenies when I was really little but as I got older I got into like Raven and the Secret Show idk


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