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Star Wars: The Last Jedi [here be spoilers]


(don't read below this unless you wanna be spoiled cause im getting right into it)

hey nerds how many of you watched the most recent star wars and what do you think? my friends and i haven't shut up about it in a week

i have some serious mixed feelings about the film. Force Awakens, it felt so perfectly like A New Hope, and if you hated that then you're wrong and you missed the point. but it wasn't too gimmicky, it just felt like i was watching socially progressive star wars with more cgi and stuff which im always down for.

The Last Jedi I thought was going to end about 6 times. the pacing of the movie was like... really bad in my opinion. it made the slow parts seem even slower than they had to be. they also had that completely meaningless and convulted subplot where they tried to stop the ships from being tracked but then... everyone just dies anyway?? i get real life isn't sunshine and its trying so hard and getting so far and it doesn't even really matter, but i'm here at the cinema to ESCAPE from real life, pls.

also just gimmicky jokes with those poorly CGI'd Porgs that were definitely only created to sell merchandise. can we go back to using robotics and costumes more and use CGI like frosting on a cake? while i'm being picky, what was the deal with the crystal foxes? they've never existed before this movie to my knowledge and were made up completely for one insignificant plot point that could have easily been communicated like "but how did Luke get in this cave??" without having to throw more random unexplained critters into the mix.

However I was in love with Rey's part, I loved the entire training thing, and most of the main storyline was AWESOME in my opinion. learning more about kylos past was really interesting and i enjoyed learning more about luke's experiences with the force and why he's on that island anyhow. i wish i could say how much i enjoyed the main arc of the story as much as i could talk about all the things i didn't like. i'm excited for the next movie and learning more about how everyone's stories intertwine. theres also a lot of little attention to detail things that are beautiful. like you should have been able to tell Luke wasn't real when he was taunting Kylo because he didn't leave any red footprints like everyone else!

i'd say most of its shortcomings are just a result of me being a spoiled star wars fan seeing an overhyped movie, but what did you think of it

Kerou 犠牲:
I thought it was a bottom tier Star Wars movie tbh. The character development was horrendous, I thought they killed any potential Kylo Ren had as a legitimate bad guy on TFA and it seemed like they were going to salvage his character by making him a good guy yet they just made the build up all worthless. The worst thing for me was that what he was suggesting to Rey was probably the most good guy thing anyone has down over the two movies (especially with the revelation that the good guys were also helping the rich get richer, the only redeeming part of Finn's arc in the whole movie) yet now he's meant to be the main bad guy since Snoke is dead (also far too premature to kill him off, we still don't really know who he is especially considering how strong he was) yet he's still a petulant fool with the exact same flaws as before so it was all wasted. Plus Rey's on her Mary Sue vibe so it just feels like Episode IX will be a waste too. If it does turn out that her parents were actually some important people too then that will devalue this movie even further.

Leia's none-dying shenanigans was really dumb. Would have been more interesting if Finn got killed too since it'd give more drama and willingness to get stronger for Rey.

BB-8 is annoying. Those weird animal things were annoying. Captain Phasma was another complete waste of a character. Hux is still alive. All of the new villains have been terrible, in fact all the new characters bar Rey and to an extent Poe have been.

In terms of action and effects I've got no beef with it. It did drag hugely though and felt like a chore to finish, especially as it could have ended so many times earlier.

The only worse Star Wars is Episode II, and that's one of, if not my least favourite movie ever, of all times.

Oh and Luke was a total wasteman in this movie as well, plus the way they killed him off was horrendous too. I get not having Kylo kill him because of Kylo killing Han last time but that would have been more interesting.

Another thing as well, why did Rey and Kylo struggle with those red dudes? Especially as Kylo is meant to be a Master of Ren so should not struggle fighting any of Snoke's guards?

I think Kylos prophecy was correct. I think it was no mistake that Jakku and Tatooine look almost exactly the same. Literally, like they have the same crashed spaceships, rolling dunes... Moisture farms... Kylo is a little over 10 years older than Rey. Kylo was trained by Luke, and even though he began a novice, his power scared Luke. I think Luke had a daughter and then immediately realized she had great power with the force. He remembered his sheltered life on Tatooine and how he almost could have lived a simple life farming moisture instead of getting wrapped up in this. Most of all, he knew if his daughter went to the dark side, he would never be able to kill her - it was hard enough to try to kill his nephew. Luke is Rey's biological father. But Luke didn't raise her, so her real parents were whoever found her when Luke brought her to Jakku. He couldn't bring her to Tatooine - too many traces of Luke and Anakin. So, Jakku it was. Her parents didn't love her though, and eventually sold her for drinking money. That's my prediction anyway

I like Finn but it would have made things real interesting if he did end up dying to save everyone else. I also really wanted Kylo to be good, and I like your point that he actually had a good idea. Who knows, maybe he will have another internal conflict and come around to eventually help Rey somehow, or otherwise align himself as good - we ARE running low on villains, but like you said, Hux still exists

Kerou 犠牲:
Whilst it does make sense for Rey to be Luke's daughter who would be her mother? That's my only question mark with it.

The problem with Kylo having another internal conflict is that there's no other legitimate villain now so who would he even fight against? Vader fighting against himself made sense because of Emperor Palpatine and Kylo against Snoke made a similar sense but without him, it's pointless. Hux is a wet lettuce so no. A new character shouldn't really be introduced as the main villain in IX so we're really just stuck with him.

 I couldn't click with the first film so this has been my favourite so far but, like, there were a few bits that were rather ehhhhh.

 What's up with Phasma? She was a proper badass for about 3 seconds before Finn suckers her into a fiery oblivion and it feels like they keep cutting her scenes and I don't get it aha. Hopefully she'll come back and be a threat to everyone in the next film though.

 I don't really understand Finn's purpose either.

 That purple-haired lady seemingly coming out of nowhere to be the new commander when Poe seemed like he was going to take command was kind of annoying too? The whole thing was frustrating since she acted like an ass up until the very last moment.

 Luke going to quick-scope Ben Solo in his sleep didn't really seem like it was something he would do either.


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