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Football/Soccer Season 2013/2014 Thread

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Well, the football league kicked off yesterday (and the SPL) and the other leagues around Europe and the rest of the world are ongoing or set to kick off soon. What are you hoping to see this season? What are you excited for?

I reckon that the Premier league is going to be one of the most interesting yet, for a number of reasons. Primarily, with Sir Alex Ferguson retiring and Moyes taking the helm at Manchester United there will be a lot of anticipation as to whether they can have any success this season. I doubt they're going to win the prem. this season, but not because of Moyes but because of the strength that Chelsea and The bitters will bring this year. The bitters and Chelsea have had a change in managers too, and Mourinho's return will certainly be interesting.

Huge transfers around Europe already, and there's still a month to go. Falcao, Cavani and Higuain all moving around for blockbuster fees. Will Bale follow?

Discuss bellow~

Well, I'm looking forward to seeing Stoke play better football.

Also, I'm interested in seeing the tons of new signings play at their best levels, like Navas, Fernandhino, etc.

I would like Bale to stay where he is. He's a great player and he lit up the Premier League last season.

Hopefully, I think that all of the promoted sides have a good shot at all staying up, but I think Hull are well enough to fight all the way.

I was very excited to see the Football League in its 125th year kick off yesterday. Even better to see my beloved Walsall (who also celebrated 125 years this week) win against Tranmere.

Yeah. There's going to be a lot of Football League news coming from me. I reckon watching the lower leagues is much better than watching the Premier League.

Aubameyang scored a hat-trick in Dortmund's opening game of the season. I really hope he does well, cracking player.

I had him on FIFA last year for Birmingham City. Beast player.


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