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Best Day Ever For Me In Soccer


So our goal keeper got a save and he can do one hell of a long throw and I got the ball so then I was screwed cause the was like 3 people around me so I got a nutmeg which made the crowd go like "Ooooooo" which I was already proud of so I run and get the ball with a defender coming up to me then it was me and him just standing there, so I do 2 faints to the left then to 1 to the right then I do a mini robona to get it passed him then get the ball and then the remaining 2 defenders come at me then I thought "This has to be the end of my run" but I realise there is like no one to the left so I go to the left with them both chasing then tap to the right then back to the left with me and the opposing goal keeper left so I do a fake shot and he goes to the left then I got a free shot and a goal. The best day I have ever had in soccer!


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