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NFL 2015-2016 Season

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It's about time this was made. Just discuss the NFL season here and stuff. Get Rekt Brady

Do you have a good outlook for your team? Think that your GM and Ownership belongs in the loony bin? How do you think your team will hold up?

Yeah....Cleveland isn't looking great.

the bread dragon:
'deflategate' is stupid and no one cares

im not saying that out of bias, it just is.

I was joking on that one. I think destroying your phone in the middle of something like that even if you say you do that all the time is a little shady, but I honestly think that it's been blown out of proportion.

Besides for that and the losses in the secondary, I think you guys will be fine. The AFC North is a bit odd though, anyone can win, except us, but we know one team will waste that playoff spot. I give the edge to the Ravens over the Steelers because the black and gold's defense is old and their secondary is decimated. The bengals might, I repeat might, get a wild card. They are going anywhere if they get it though, lol.

Lord Raven:
brady didnt destroy his cell phone; the only person who said that was Stephen A. Smith and if what he does is considered journalism then i quit

the bread dragon:
his entire thing is talking loud, that's really it


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