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Hi guys.. I started a nuzlocke in Pokemon heartgold and everything has been fine, sort of, until I caught the red gyarados. I know you need the red scale to get the experience share so i caught shiny gyarados and didn't really pay much attention to what was being said after i caught it. I just presumed I had the red scale now and so i went to Mr. Pokemon near Cherrygrove city.

Buuuut apparently I don't have it. I just searched everywhere for it, my key items, the pouch items, I checked to see if Gyarados was holding it, I even went back to the lake of rage to see if it had dropped down around there but i can't find it...anywhere!! lol! it's as if it was deleted or something.

Sooo does anyone know what might have happened? I can post pictures if they're needed :) Thanks!

Team Building / Need Help With This Blissey I Am Raising
« on: January 03, 2015, 21:28 »
Hi guys, I have a level 10 Blissey in Pokemon Omega Ruby and I haven't played Pokemon competitively in a while so I have a few questions and I'd appreciate some help

Have been Super Training my Blissey (Bold) in order to attain 252 EVs in both Defence and HP. Now that I have that finished I need to know...

1. If I level up my Blissey using only an Experience Share in order for it to reach maybe level 50+, will its EVs be affected? Essentially, I plan on battling the E4 a couple of times to level it up, but in doing this will my EVs be affected?

2. Could somebody please tell me of a good movepool for this Blissey?

Thanks everyone for any responses I get & if any other information is needed please tell me :)

Random Randomness / Your Favourite Food?
« on: August 04, 2013, 11:13 »
So the topic subject says, what's your favourite food of all time? It can be anything.

Mine is steak because it's juicy and fun to eat  ^.^

What about you?

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