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Summer Transfer Window
« on: July 12, 2013, 17:43 »
So it's that time of year again, football season is over and all we have left to satisfy our needs is the prospect of our club making big new signings. So who have your club signed so far? Who would you like to see sign for your club? And what do you think of signings other clubs have made? Also who do you think will go wear out of the big names?

We've made 7 signings already this summer those being Chris McCann, Stephen Crainy, Scott Carson, Marc-Antoine Fortuné, Grant Holt, James Perch and Thomas Rogne. I'm rather pleased with the signings we've made all are experience players that can help us get back up to the top, I'm rather pleased with Grant Holt as well reckon he'll take a leading role in firing us back up.

In terms of people leaving the club Arone Kone has gone to Everton for £6million I believe while, Figueroa and Franco Di Santo left on a free. We've also finally got rid of Boselli, I reckon the signings we've made a great replacements. Stephen Crainey is an excellent replacement for Figeroa while Thomas Rogne and James Perch are great replacements for Alcaraz who I didn't rate highly anyway.

In terms of players we need I'd love to see us sign right winger and maybe another striker, I'd like to see Ryo Miyachi back on loan with us. All in all with one or two more signings and as long as we don't lose anymore players I think we can get promotion next season.
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