Author Topic: Voice auditions. Could your username be credited three times?  (Read 382 times)

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I'm looking for someone (male/female)  to do the voice of the following characters:

Kecleon (male)

Mightyena (male)

Rayquaza (male)

Sceptile (male)

Absol (female)

Graveller (male)

Kecleon is a museum curator.

Mightyena is the abused guard.

Rayquaza is evil.

Absol and Graveler are judges.

Sceptile is a judge with a desire for a heap of money (even if it means kidnapping Latias to get it!)

Whoever does any of the voices will be credited.

To audition, post a link to an audio file of your audition. If you want to be a particular character, tell me which one.

If no-one wants to do it, don't worry I'm not desperate.
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