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Suggest me Laptops
« on: November 18, 2016, 21:17 »
I'm looking for laptop advice (again lmao).

I've been debating for a while about buying a new one, I just have no clue what route to go down!

Basically I'm in my last year at uni and honestly have no idea what the next couple years will bring, whether I stay in design or jump ship and go down another route.

I need something that's going to last and will be future proof I guess?? (I did consider a desktop but like I said I have no idea what I'm doing, so would rather something portable for the time being.)

My current laptop has a second gen i5 2.6ghz processor and 6gb of ram, running windows 10. Like it's fine when it works but even sometimes saving stuff on illustrator can take an age as has booting up these days.

The main use of my laptop is for design with other usual stuff.
+ I mainly use illustrator and InDesign.
+ Occasionally photoshop.
+ I do video edits very very occasionally on Premiere and After Effects, but I can't honestly see myself going into that route.
+ Ms office suite: word and PowerPoint.
+ Paint tool Sai
+ I do the odd bit of work with processing and arduino but I'm interested in learning more coding??
- Not big on 3D CAD stuff (although see above lol)
- Very rarely game on my laptop either
+ Then usual web browsing etc

So I really like the idea of some of the 2 in 1 hybrids (e.g. Surface Book) but I also wouldn't mind to move away from windows at the same time lmao. I did think of getting an iPad Pro and pimping it up but idk. Then I think I could just get a better tablet etc etc

Like basically I'm not sure /how/ much power I'm going to need for stuff? I could go crazy and just get max specs for everything but like I say it could end up being overkill!

My other requirements are pretty much:
- 15 inch screen (could go 13 if I got a monitor)
- Storage at least 250gb SSD
- Nothing too bulky/heavy
- Aesthetic (see above, no Alienware stuff)
- Not crazy expensive
- Don't mind buying refurb/secondhand

I'm not going to be getting anything asap but just really looking for some suggestions? Throw stuff at me. What's good and what's bad.

Thank you!!