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Older Main Games / Tim and Richard's HGSS Nuzlocke!
« on: February 20, 2013, 04:04 »
Tim and Richard's HGSS Nuzlocke!

First of all, welcome back to those of you who remember our Unova challenge with Brian and Avalon. Those of you whom we do not recognise, or have yet to read our BW Nuzlocke, we greet you with open arms and invite you to warm yourself by the warm hearth of our new story. Introducing Adam and Danika's Nuzlocke adventure around Johto!


Danika’s Diary

This diary is turning more and more into a dream log. And I think that’s a good thing. My life is so boring that it makes it more interesting to read back, when I write about the dreams I have. When I’m 90, I’ll look back at my fifteen year old self and wonder why I had such screwed up nightmares.

In my dream, I was standing outside, and it was dead quiet. Usually, you can hear the Hoothoot calling to each other, or the sound of the sea in the distance. But in my dream, it was silent.

Then I could hear the stars speaking to me. It’s weird, I couldn’t tell you how I knew, I just did. The stars were talking to me, but I didn’t understand the language they were speaking. I got the impression they were getting fed up with me, because they stopped speaking with the mind-words (telekathy, is it?) and started showing me mind-pictures instead; deep underwater, endless submerged corridors, and the knowledge that something was down there with me, watching me.


And then I woke up, and it was just a usual, boring day in New Bark Town. Anyway, signing off now, I have planssssssss this morning!


Well, this will be an exciting update! I have my very first Pokemon! It’s not completely mine though, Professor Elm leant it to me...I’m getting ahead of myself! ^^; (My teacher tells me off for writing smilies – she says they’re supposed to stay on the screen, and aren’t for work books – but this is my diary, so idc! =D)

So, as per my usual Friday tradition, I went down to the Professor’s to help out, and there was this guy there, Adam, or something, and the Professor asked HIM to run an errand to Mr. Pokemon’s house. And he gave him a Pokemon, the CUTEST Totodile ever.

Naturally, I was upset by this and caused a bit of a scene – and so Professor Elm gave me a Totodile too!! So now we BOTH have one.


We go to Cherrygrove, get accosted by some weird old man that tries to give me his shoes, and then get to Mr. Pokemon’s (which is a TREK, by the way x_x ) and guess who’s there?


Not really, it was Professor Oak – which is still just as awesome to be honest. Anyway, he said he saw ‘Great Potential’ in me and gave me a Pokedex – and he gave one to Adam too (who’s pretty strange by the way. I don’t think he likes me. He spent the whole journey talking to his Totodile, which is a shame, because I’ve seen him at school, and he seems really nice.)

Anyway, Mr. Pokemon gave us two eggs to take back to Professor Elm, and then him and Professor Oak have just started chatting all philosophical and deep – Oak’s all “I believe that this world of ours is a chaotic, spinning ball of determinism,” and Mr. Pokemon says “Indeed – I sincerely believe that everything happens for a reason.” Which is why I’m now writing in my diary, because I just can’t keep up with this kind of heavy stuff ^^;

So! After we’ve finished this cuppa, me and Adam are going back home and giving the eggs to the Professor. Ossum!


Okay shiz just got srs. Not even sure how I’m going to write all this, but I really have to before I forget or change bits of it.

So me and Adam leave Mr. Pokemon’s house, and immediately his phone starts ringing – it’s Professor Elm. ((Don’t even get me started on the fact that Adam has Elm’s number and I don’t. Favouritism rite thar.)) Apparently, some dude has stolen his Chikorita from his lab and is heading towards Cherrygrove.

So me and Adam run the distance, and it’s starting to get dark now, and it’s feeling all moody, and I was getting quite excited to be honest, because I’ve never really done anything this exciting before.

Anyway, we get to Cherrygrove and see this PROPER shady looking guy with a hench Chikorita, standing near the Pokemon centre. Adam starts acting the tough man, and is all “there’s a lot riding on this battle Danika, we’ll double team him and take back Chikorita!” and makes me release my Totodile.

X and Y/OmegaRuby and AlphaSapphire / Norse Mythology Theme?
« on: January 10, 2013, 18:35 »
It's been discussed on other forums that Xerneas and Yveltal might be inspired by Norse mythology, so I thought I'd make a topic about that, and throw some of my own crazy thoughts out there too =P

Xerneas and Yveltal

These two are possibly based on Eikþyrnir and Veðrfölnir, who occupy Ygddrasil.

The fact that Gen VI seems to have a European vibe (hello Eiffel Tower), it suggests that the mythology ingame will draw from IRL mythology, as it has done in previous games.

Yveltal has two blue eyes, Xerneas has a red eye and a blue eye, leading the natural assumption to be that a third Pokemon will have two red eyes, and will most likely be the creature representing Z.

I think Níðhöggr would be the most likely candidate. It is a dragon (sometimes serpent) that gnaws at the base of Ygdrassil; and a serpent would make it very easy for its body shape to be a Z =P

The Entralink

It really bothered me that the bridges from the Entralink to the other worlds were destroyed in BW2, and no reason was given for this. I'm hoping this is expanded upon in XY.

In Norse mythology, Ygdrassil is the tree at the centre of creation; or at least, the embodiment of creation itself. The Entralink was, similarly, at the centre of Unova and had a particularly spiritual feel, being the entrance to the Dream World, amid other people's worlds. 

For those who have watched Thor, you might remember the "Bifrost," the rainbow cannon thing that is a much more epic version of Star Trek's transporter. In Nordic mythology, these were rainbow bridges that connected the world of the gods with the real world. The bifrost are predicted to be shattered when "the sons of Muspell" (Muspell being a fiery realm) attempt to cross it.

In BW2, the bridges are no longer accessible, and you can't travel to other people's worlds via the Entralink.

I'm hoping that this will be expanded upon in BW2; perhaps the plot events of XY will have poisoned the Entralink (which will still be accessible?) and this has caused the bridges to become inaccessible in BW2? =S

I don't think this is particularly likely, as they've not really done cross-generational plots on different regions. The closest would be Red being in Mt. Silver. And that's hardly a massive plot point.

But even so, some explanation would have been nice. =P

Anyway, if any other Norse themes are noticed, please post away! ^_^

Character Guides / A. "Chamber" Quamaté
« on: June 04, 2009, 22:04 »
Simeon "Dice" Dyson

Age: 20















The boy stood on the burning deck. The agonised screams of far off people seemed murky and distant to Archibald as he held on tightly to his Spinarak's Poke Ball. An explosion from behind him caused him to turn, and the sinking ship was lit up in the dark of the night. A whoop of joy could be heard, and Archibald saw the large Magma insignia bear down on him, affixed to the side of a gargantuan ship, reigning fire down on his Team, on his family.

He turned and ran, making for the stairs. Aqua grunts and admins ran past, panic taking over their senses, and Archibald struggled against the flow. Before long, he realised he was treading in water, up to his knees, and with a sudden sense of cold dread, he realised he was alone. He didn't recognise where he was, he knew it was a storage chamber, but other than that...

Despite the flood that grew, steady smoke drifted toward the ceiling, and Archibald's mind became clouded, and he closed his eyes, trying to figure out what part of the ship he was in. He looked down again, Spinarak still in his hand. He wondered where his family were, the smoke causing his memory to fade, and he found himself unable to recall what he'd been doing when the Magmas attacked.

Archibald choked as the water rose above his head. He opened his eyes beneath the water and searched for the exit of the room he'd entered. He instinctively took a breath, sucking more water in, and he struggled against nothing. A series of images filled his mind, staccatto as gunfire, and his mind felt like a vice gripped it. With a sudden jolt, he stopped struggling, and he thought he must have surely died. Archibald could feel his hold on conciousness slipping from him, and he drifted in the still waters for what felt like eternity. A board came into view, half torn apart in the explosions on the ship. It would have read "Storage Chamber," but only 'chamber' was left. As he read the word, music filled his dying brain, and he could make out each seperate instrument the made up a mental orchestra, the water softening the notes of violins, cellos... He closed his eyes and let the music take hold of him, sinking into infinity...

It must have only been a second, for the music had taken him somewhere else, a place that he reasoned must be heaven, but he hit his head against something hard. He opened his eyes, and realised that he'd bumped into a drawer that lay half open. Poke balls drifted out, and one opened, a great beast with cannons on its back. The Pokemon reacted quickly, taking hold of the drowning child, aiming a cannon at the side of the ship and firing a thick white beam. The explosion was muted, and the Blastoise jetted swiftly out the makeshift hole.

The boy broke the surface of the water, taking in deep breaths. Blastoise looked down at the small child, before lifiting the boy out of the water and placing it securely on the  back of its sturdy shell. The music still played in his mind, and he looked back at the sinking ship, now nearly submerged. With it, Team Aqua's Leader would surely be taken to its depths, and Archibald realised that he no longer had to be bound to the Team. With the ship would sink Archibald of Team Aqua. Chamber was all that was left. He had no sympathy for those he left behind, for they had chosen death when they had made enemies of Team Magma. This senseless war, fighting and death being the only fruits of their had to stop.

Chamber sat on Blastoise's back, drifting toward the sunset, only one thought in mind:

He would end the fighting.

Character Guides / Wayne Fairbrass
« on: August 17, 2007, 18:13 »
Character Name

Wayne Fairbrass

Age and Gender

17, male


Wayne is most commonly seen wearing his red jumpsuit of his own design. If he's not wearing it, he wears a simple t-shirt and jeans, but prefers to wear his "show-outfit," as he has dubbed it. This is the outfit he wears when he performs.

He is always seen with his violin. Though he can tease any melody out of the instrument, he says that the sounds aren't quite right, and seeks the materials to craft the perfect violin. He rarely has a pre-formed opinion on anything, and will make up his mind at the moment when he is prompted to. As such, he is often perceived to be a deep thinker - the truth of the matter, however, is that he simply hasn't prepared an argument.


Wayne is a pacifist, but enjoys the sport of battling Pokemon, when not performing as part of an ensemble. Music is his passion, and his attention often drifts away from conversation and will begin playing a tune on his violin.


Born in Eterna City, raised to be a musician like his older sisters, who have all joined their own ensembles. When he decided he wanted to travel, to see the world, and to craft his own violin, his parents gave him a Pokemon to protect him; a Kricketot. Now, Wayne is on his way to Hoenn, docking at Slateport.

Friends and Enemies

None so far!



-Struggle Bug

Recent History

Nothing so far.

Character Guides / Alex Camber
« on: May 25, 2007, 20:33 »
Character name

Alex Camber

Age and Gender

21, Female


Alex is fair skinned, with blonde spiky hair. She often wears t-shirts, but has been known to occasionally wear something a little more formal. She is most often seen wearing three quarter length trousers, and sometimes shorts, but rarely anything else. To see her in a dress or skirt would be a moment to be cherished, for an encounter as rare as this should not be so readily discarded. Alex prefers loud colours such as yellow and pink, and detests black. She is often seen with a neck scarf tied around her neck, and rarely wears jewelerry. 

Picture: Yeah right, I'm not THAT good. <_<


Alex is outgoing and bubbly, but not in the ridiculous way which would cause others to tire of her. She has a wicked sense of humour that can occasionally cause her to look cold, but she would rarely offend anyone intentionally, unless she decided that they deserved it.

She has a sentimental side that she is comfortable revealing, but only with close friends. Others describe her as defensive, but she believes she is just stubborn when it comes to things she cares about.


Alex was the daughter of a couple who were in their late forties by the time they had their first child, and after her Mother died of an unknown illness, her Father died of a broken heart. This was when she was just seventeen, and rather than spend her time in the misery and memory-seeped city of Snowpoint, she left to travel with her companion, Zeke, a comparitively arrogant Pikachu.

What happened while she travelled the regions is largely unknown, but it is thought that events took place there that now drive her towards home; Snowpoint City.

Friends and enemies


Nickname: Zeke

Attacks: Thunder, Grass Knot, Volt Tackle, Agility, Discharge.

The house 'pet,' Zeke was more like Alex's little brother. Overconfident in its skills, Zeke is arrogant, both on the battlefield and off, and always assumes the role of the aggressor. It is quite provocative, but remains Alex's favourite Pokemon.

Nickname: Zephyr

Attacks: Wing Attack, Tackle, Peck, Quick Attack

Quite undertrained, as Alex usually uses Zeke in battle, Zephyr is quite a weak Pokemon. When it does get the chance to battle, it uses its speed to get the upperhand, but doesn't often hit hard enough to score the KO.

Nickname: Meteos

Attacks: Sunny Dan, Rain Dance, Weather Ball, Ice Beam

Meteos is more often used as a suppor Pokemon during battles, setting up weather effects for Zeke to utilise, either allowing Thunder to gain more accuracy, or for the sun to blind the opponent, granting the inexperienced Zephyr a chance to attack.

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