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Random Randomness / Re: Nostalgia Thread
« on: March 17, 2023, 03:34 »
I also want to say to anyone who thinks: "there was so much drama, i feel so ashamed, i was so stupid back as a teenager."

It's fine. No hard feelings. We were teenagers when there was drama. Now I'm 30 and much of the rest of us are in real life. It doesnt matter if you were the most childish piece of crap back then or just too nice to hang around -- we're all open to just, hanging out and talking about anything. It's a nice little place. No judgment. No internet ego crap. Just people being people.

And lots of warmth. Community means so much to me even despite us being 'dead' -- i had problems in school and at home and I just learned how to be myself and talk to people through here. And I'm thankful it was here and not just about anywhere else, where I'd probably be led astray.

Random Randomness / Re: Nostalgia Thread
« on: May 01, 2022, 23:01 »
congrats to hrh dr lord raven!!! what did you do your thesis about???? if its ok to ask

secret benefits on the forum if you do a doctorate, you permenantly exchange your sig for forbidden powers

oh yeah i need to check this place more

condensed matter physics & optics, i basically shoot lasers at thin materials

Random Randomness / Re: Nostalgia Thread
« on: August 19, 2021, 11:01 »
i now have a doctorate, what happened

EDIT: i just disabled my signature

Say Hello! / Re: Sign-In Book
« on: August 14, 2020, 17:23 »
Nice to see you, man.

Honestly I'm just not a fan of Discord. The chatroom format tends to crush any more thoughtful conversation, so it'll never replace a proper forum for me.

I came back to hang around because I also have fond memories of this place. Today's internet has become increasingly tainted by politics and the need to suppress anyone that might break from the majority view. On most social networks it's inescapable, and any medium will be exploited for the sake of political grandstanding instead of having that general discussion space like this used to be. It'd sad.

I do long for the simpler times, like when "hi r u 12?" was a meme or everyone was suddenly called "Vanguard". I'd even take that time when Joeno made the site look like unicorn vomit for April fool's. World needs to chill out.

Anyway, hope you're doing well! Also when did you become an admin?

I'm not going to start an argument here, I think I have a different view of politics being everywhere -- but considering the current state of my country (the USA) I've felt it necessary just because there's just a lot going on throughout the world right now. I understand though and I won't bring it up, and I'm against things like slurs but I'm still pretty anti-PC (I guess my views on speech align with comedians like Chappelle, Jefferies, Lewis Black, etc).

At any rate... I'm not gonna bum you out with the way my year's gone. My best friend's little brother committed suicide and his uncle died of COVID, my dad passed away due to cancer in June at 70, and I've been traveling all over the US. I had an internship at an air force base to hopefully wrap up my PhD, but covid shut down the base and I drove from ohio to Maryland to take care of my dad during quarantine until his passing. I got to spend all this time with my dad and I got to give back a tiny amount taking care of him before his passing, even if it wasn't the same, and I love my dad so much and I'm doing better but I'm gradually getting the energy to do everything good I can with the life he laid out for me by coming to America.

I'm currently in Arizona... I flew in a few weeks ago... and I fly back to Maryland in a week or two to drive back to Ohio... I even commuted to Ohio a bunch of times this year from MD. Life's just been inconsistent, tiring, and hectic, but the moments I have to relax have been great and I've been in great health despite everything (well, I'm gaining weight but who isn't?)

It's been mostly bad, but these are the cycles of life, and I'm just doing everything I can until we are all out of the other side. I've found ways to feel good enough to push onwards as of late, but until recently everything was getting to me.

Say Hello! / Sign-In Book
« on: August 13, 2020, 09:40 »
Man, we've all had a lot of good memories on this site eh? It's basically dead, but let's be honest -- at least we can come back to it.

I highly recommend you to join discord. Drop me a PM/DM or whatever you wanna call it, I'm raven#3622 (and currently have a Jojos avatar). I have facebook (yeah, despite everything), gmail, text, WhatsApp, etc. Feel free to drop me a PM, get in touch, whatever. I'll be checking here more.

Consider any previous beef squashed, honestly, because times are honestly garbage right now for anyone and everyone and I'm 27 now, we're all older now, and I've just forgotten a lot of dumb crap (and honestly, I've forgotten many of you, but it really doesn't matter to me because all that stuff is past now). It'll be nice to hear from you, nice to have a conversation in discord (I'm always online, I'm just quieter these days because of events in my personal life; I'm fine, though). Post here too if you want, rag on me as much as you want, but just let us know you're alive, ya know?

Games General / Re: What Did You Think of Pokemon Sword/Shield?
« on: August 13, 2020, 09:34 »
Wild Area and UI improvements (like visible wild pokemon) single handedly save the game

Otherwise would be incredibly bare bones

Random Randomness / Re: On lockdown.
« on: August 13, 2020, 09:31 »
admittedly, not being on this site... but i've been messing around on discord and doing a lot of weird traveling, life is weird and i can't believe i'm posting here again

Debate / Re: What do you find most annoying about Donald Trump?
« on: January 17, 2020, 22:03 »
Dude's so messed up there's too many reasons to hate him, but if we're talking annoying it's gotta be the fact that he's teetotal & painfully boring beneath the thick subcutaneous layers of bigotry. If he drank his drunk tweets would be so bizarrely incoherent they'd at least be worth a laugh, if he went on some crazy bender we could at least step back, enjoy the trainwreck and maybe, just maybe feel a little bit sorry for him.

He doesn't like dogs or any other animals, doesn't really come across as a family man, he doesn't have any real opinions on music. Doesn't really seem to show any interest in movies, books, TV, art or anything else. Besides playing it he doesn't really show like an interest in Golf or any other sport. He's clearly not a foodie because he literally just eats McDonalds every single day. He sometimes vaguely engages with the lowest common denominator pop culture. He has no interesting backstory, no actual thought-provoking opinions that aren't just regurgitated Fox News soundbites. What's the dude's deal? Does he just stare at the wall in his spare time?

Wow, you worded this far better than anyone possibly could have

I remember he was once described as not a person but a bunch of abhorrent qualities mixed together. Your post gave me an incredible way to visualize/imagine that.

Nice to see you post again, my guy.

For what it's worth, my location is like 8.5 years out of date.

Debate / Re: What do you find most annoying about Donald Trump?
« on: October 11, 2018, 07:05 »
The fact that the democrats are trying their hardest to make him look bad.

Del already covered it, though I'd like to add it's really annoying to see the mainstream media networks try to pile on top of him when he already does enough damage himself. They're treating him like he's some sort of Nazi when he's an unintelligent and greedy human being that holds the nation's most powerful office.

Like come on guys, he's really really stupid, and we should treat him like he's a person doing a bad job rather than some sort of Nazi.

EDIT: oh yeah approval ratings for trump are above 50% and are only going to get higher lolololololololololololololololol
This is false. His approval has been higher recently than it was when he took office, but according to 538 its basically hovering from 39-42% which is absolutely horrific. Link for posterity.

I generally don't trust any polls outside of 538's aggregation. For the record, 538 was the website that had Trump at a 30% chance of winning, and he lost the popular vote and outperformed in key swing states (based on some arguments they made prior to the election -- that if Florida flips, then some of the midwest states and PA may flip too, which is exactly what happened).

If you don't want to trust that because it didn't say 100% Trump, then I invite you to criticize the poll aggregate's methodology. Until then, your point is not substantial in the slightest. I predict it will tank a little bit next April, when our tax returns are roughly cut in half.

Random Randomness / Re: its that time of year again....
« on: July 20, 2018, 04:18 »
Happy Birthday Claire! It's kind of freaking crazy how long it's been since we all started man, and I'm glad you're still around. Hope to see you (and xhanatos) around on Discord.

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