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'Save Data Cannot Be Accessed'


Has anyone ever had that time on their game where it says 'Save Data could not be accessed, please turn the power off and reinsert the game card'

Well I've been following the instructions but to no avail. Anyone know a good solution? I know its an odd topic, but since Pokemon seems to be the only game that does that, I thought I'd come here for some answers.

Makoto Niijima:
I have had this happen to me a few years ago with Soul Silver, it was on my orignal DS, when I got the message. Since I changed to a DS Lite, I never got the message again.

Silverwing Bloodsplash:
Maybe blow the inside of the cartridge and/or the slot of the DS. I always do that whenever inserting a game into my Game Boy Advance.

This happened with my SoulSilver game. Lost a few great pokémon there.
about a year later it started working again on my new DSi, go figure (had to start a new game though  >:()


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