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VGC / TCG Euro Nationals 2013

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It's coming up to that time of year again: European National Video Game Championship Season!

This year things are a little different. In previous years, there were 5 countries held VGC nationals; it was single-elimination; and it was nothing to do with the TCG.

This year, France and Spain do not have Nationals tournaments.. why? Who knows. The format, excitingly, will be Swiss, which means everyone gets to play a few matches no matter how bad you are (which I'm pretty chuffed about!), with single elimination top cut. And they're making a weekend of Nationals, with TCG on the Saturday and VGC on the Sunday.


- Mediolanum Forum, Milan
May 11-12th TCG & VGC

- RuhrCongress Bochum, Bochum
May 25th TCG
May 26th VGC

--- UK
- National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham
June 1st TCG
June 2nd VGC

Interesting to note that the UK is, for once, last in the season. We're normally first, which is part of why we normally get steamrollered by amazing Euro players (the other part of the reason being that they're simply amazing), but we might stand more of a chance now! That said, no Spanish VGC means Spain will have to win somewhere else, which they doubtless will..

Also exciting to note is that Top 4 in every division ALL get paid trips to Vancouver for Worlds in August, and in Juniors and Seniors it's Top 8! That's pretty exciting stuff!!

So who's coming?! Enigma, Kyriakou, Thelastsheikah and myself will be there as usual and a bunch of our friends are coming too, would be ace if any of you joined us!

Hope to see you there!! ^___^

Damn! The vancouver thing sounds awesome, but meh. I will have to start grasping knowledge of the VGC soon and start preparing XD

Do it! Even if you're not very good, it's a really fun day, there will be over 500 other Pokémon fans in the room at any given time! Everyone's super friendly and it's just fun really ^^

All you really need to know about VGC is that it's doubles, box art and event legendaries are banned, and Volcarona everywhere.

I might go to this and cosplay/carry a themed team. Depends on money/plans at the time though.

Ahhh, now I see what you were saying about France and Spain being forced out of the VGC...that really isn't fair on them at all. I mean, the fact that Spain is such an incredible force to be reckoned with in these tournaments...and their venue has been removed? =/

I'm ashamed to admit that my first thought was "YES No powerful spaniards in the VGC ^_^" - and then it occurred to me that this actually means MORE powerful Spanish players in the UK tournament. It's going to be as tough as ever!

Spriter, definitely look at coming, it's such a fantastic day. We stoked ourselves to much the first year we went as a group, and then did /terribly/ - so we decided that we'd take it easy, just battle for fun, and we had a much better time because of it. Or maybe that was because Kyriakou came second and won us all a trip to Hawaii? WHO KNOWS. =P

I'm really not sure what team I'm going to run this year; I've been so out of practice, I haven't played competitively since Hawaii itself. I might even cave and use goodstuff...it's just getting dem pocketmonz in time for June, while juggling a degree...

Hm. Rambling. Either way, I'm excited! =D


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