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Should Pokemon have darker and darker themes?

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Joe_Pokemon2015- MEGA RAYQUAZA!:
Well, I believe Pokemon has becoming darker every generation. Don't believe me? Go to this page.

In Gen 1 and 2 you just fight against Team Rocket and there's nothing special. By Gen 3 you fight against a gang that want to destroy the world, by gen 4 you got Team Galactic who want to create a new universe and now, we're in Gen 5, and the leader of Team Plasma is a psychopath who abused his own kid.

Do you think Pokemon should delve into even darker themes? I mean, most of the people who played Pokemon in Gen 1 and 2 are all in college or are adults now with a job. And we have kids coming in as new Pokemon fans.

For the main series? I really like the progression of it they've had thus far, I really hadn't given it much thought myself so I guess that points to it kind of feeling natural (or maybe me just not paying enough attention oop).

IMO, Colosseum was an excellent example of "Pokemon going dark" (BADUMTSSH) and I would love love love to see them make another like it- I think XD was a good sequel to it, but it didn't hold up as much of the same attitude because Wes was an adult *and* an ex-bad guy meanwhile Michael was a cute little kid with a hover scooter.

so in short I don't think they should do anything radically different or make deliberately grittier steps in the main games but for a side game? YEAUH.

Richard and Blaziken:
Ehhh... I don't think it has to. Team Rocket was actually the darkest organization we've had so far; they sold Pokemon on a black market without the police doing anything about it, they force children into their organization by way of threatening them with their Pokemon (think Nugget Bridge), and their leader has more power than nearly anyone in the region, save for the Elite Four, who didn't even try to step in and stop them at ANY point until their leader was gone.

Team Plasma, on the other hand, wanted to free Pokemon from oppression... not exactly as dark, in my opinion.

Regardless, I wouldn't necessarily be opposed, but I don't think it has to happen either.

Edit: I actually think the opposite of the teams, now that I think about it. They've grown less and less intimidating with each new game. Magma/Aqua was cool, but both of them were short-sighted to the point of being silly. Galactic was more just... insane, and the leader of the team gave you the means to stop their plan when they gave you the Master Ball, so I can't even take them seriously. Plasma opinion above.

I don't think Pokemon has really gotten darker, just more involved.

I mean, you can look at any aspect of Pokemon and interpret it as dark. The idea of capturing monsters and making them fight for example.

Team Rocket's first appearance showed them as being particularly 'dark'.

I think the reason behind B/W being different in storyline is that each rival group had to be worse than the one that followed. Stealing Pokemon -> Changing the earth -> Changing time and space -> Where else do you go? Plasma were interesting because their final goal wasn't as obvious as good vs evil, they convinced people to release their Pokemon. That's scarier because you're up against something which isn't necessarily inherently evil, which is what made Plasma an interesting villainous team.

No, I don't think it should be getting 'darker' though. The Pokemon world is too cooperative for something like that, making it go 'dark and edgy' would just be predictable and boring. I think Pokemon can do fine without resorting to extremes of 'Happy and cute' or 'Dark and Edgy' Pokemon has always just been itself.

The side games tend to be a little "darker" than the main series, huh? Second Mystery Dungeon and, like Jedim mentioned, Pokemon Colosseum (only played so much of the latter though, rented it ages ago) If you want dark in the main series, you can always read some of the Pokedex entries, haha.

Seriously, though, "adult themes" is a bit extreme. Pokemon can be a little more mature without going full dark and edgy. Like Turner said, there are ways to make things engaging. Why, as recent as BW2, just... look at what Hugh went through. Once you get further in the game, you really feel that just by listening to his theme. (Well, I do, anyway) On a side note, Ghetsis is just plain creepy.

It makes me wonder how X and Y are gonna do things, though. At the very least, DNA is probably involved, and will likely be a big point in the plot. It's too early to tell, anyway, but I doubt we'll get anything radically different from previous installments, in terms of whether it's "dark" or not. If things ever go that route, Game Freak would likely make it a subtle progression, as opposed to a full shift.

All this talk about dark, where's my Dark-type Gym?


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