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Saying no to the starters

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Just wondering if anyone sometimes leaves there starter behind from near the start and raises other Pokemon. I feel most trainers love their starter, but I remember one time I left a Charmander behind and raised a lovely Zubat into a Crobat.

And after I left that Charmander behind Ash found it...

Richard and Blaziken:
I ditched Tepig in Black2 and sent over Torchic. Same with Cyndaquil in SS. And then I've done so in every Nuzlocke I've ever done, using an Egg Pokemon as a starter. And in Yellow Version, I tend to ditch Pikachu once I can get Electabuzz.

Lord Raven:
I ditched Oshawott and Serperior in White and Black 2 respectively...  for like a Galvantula and an Octillery or Magnezone or something.

I actually TRADED my Oshawott in White 2 to someone else pretty early on for... dang, I can't remember which Pokemon I got out of it, but that's not important. My "starter" in White 2 was effectively Psyduck. That's the only time I've ever not used my starter-starter in a game for my final team, though.

I used to be really against this for some reason, if the starters were bad I would be really bummed out because I'd have to play through the whole game with a Pokemon I don't really like. It wasn't until B/W that I decided to leave the starter behind and fill my team with normal Pokemon.

I'm not even sure if I'll go back to starters again, there are so many Pokemon I want to raise and train that the starter just feels unnecessary.


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