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Saying no to the starters

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--- Quote from: Sappy on April 30, 2013, 04:52 ---Just wondering if anyone sometimes leaves there starter behind from near the start and raises other Pokemon. I feel most trainers love their starter, but I remember one time I left a Charmander behind and raised a lovely Zubat into a Crobat.

And after I left that Charmander behind Ash found it...

--- End quote ---

I actually ditched my starter in Gen 4. I really wasn't okay with a fire/fighting yet again so I decided to raise a flying type instead. after thinking about it, I could have gone with a piplup and been fine.

I've been playing through Soul Silver again recently, and I ditched my Cyndaquil and instead sent over a Houndour from Platinum. Asides from a difficult first gym battle when it refused to listen to me, everything's gone pretty smoothly.

I always stick with my starter, then after beating the game I store it in the PC

i ditched Tepig in black 2 for a riolu and a growlithe

It sounds really silly, but I never ditch the starters because it feels like you're supposed to use them e.g. in Black Prof. Juniper gives you the starter as a present (sort of) and it just feels rude to ditch them  :wacko:


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