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where to start?


I recently replayed Blue version since it was my favorite as a child and now I am hooked again :D.  But I don't know where to go next. It looks Iike Pokemon became a lot more complex. Any suggestions?

As in which game? If you have a DS, then black and white I guess, if you don't then I'd just wait till October and get a 3DS and X or Y. Afaik the 3DS will play DS games, so you could try gen 4 and 5 on it too.

Pretty much that. I'm not sure where you left off, but I would recommend playing the gen 4 games, or at least the gen 5 games before you start gen 6. It looks like all of that's going to get complicated based on what's been released so far, & you may want to relearn all of the type match ups before you have to learn all of Fairy type's stuff too. xD

Richard and Blaziken:
Definitely pick up somewhere between gen 4 and 5. Generation 3 was fantastic, but compared to all the bells and whistles we've gotten since then, it may feel a bit outdated.


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