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Banned pokemon moves etc in wifi battles

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supermood 786:
Okay, so Chatot is banned, so is dark void and the soul dew. So my darkrai knows dark void, darkrai is probrably one of my strongest pokemon. Because it knows dark void will it be able to participate and not use dark void or not participate at all. I think it's not participate at all. I'm currently sorting out my team for the last unova region 2013 global challenge and i'm not including darkrai because i don;t think he will be able to participate. But just in case he can but not use dark void can someone tell me so this way i can sort out my team including or not including darkrai.

Darkrai can't take part anyway, I'm afraid! Event-only Pokémon and main legendaries, as a general rule, can't, and any Pokémon with a banned move or item can't take part at all either.

Banned Pokémon:
Mew / Celebi / Jirachi / Deoxys / Manaphy / Phione / Shaymin / Darkrai / Arceus / Victini / Keldeo / Meloetta / Genesect

Mewtwo / Lugia / Ho-oh / Kyogre / Groudon / Rayquaza / Dialga / Palkia / Giratina / Reshiram / Zekrom / Kyurem

.. and Chatot.

Banned moves: Dark Void, Chatter, Sky Drop

Banned items: Soul Dew

Chattot!? Is this purely because of non-PG things people can record or is there a much weirder reason?

Obviously GF just decided Chatot was to game-breaking! I mean he can beat Magikarp!!!

I'm not entirely sure, but I think it's just the recording thing, I don't see why it doesn't just work differently on Wi-Fi (e.g. Uses a preset recording)

Captain Jigglypuff:
Yeah. I have also found it weird that Chatot is the ONLY non-Legendary Pokémon to be banned from most competitions. And when you CAN use Legendary Pokémon in competitions, Chatot is the only banned Pokémon.


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