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Are Video Games Art, or Entertainment?

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--- Quote from: Lord Raven on March 02, 2015, 04:47 ---It doesn't have to be a formal debate to point out logical fallacies, because I'm really not seeing much of an explanation behind why you don't think it's art.  You keep saying it's laughable how it can be considered art, you keep saying things like "do you honestly think this" or "do you honestly think that" and trying to word it in a way that makes the notion sound stupid, or just complaining about how poisonous some gaming communities are.  These really aren't anything to do with the subject at hand; you're entitled to the idea that it's not a form of art, but if you're going to get into some sort of discourse about it, you better be ready to use some facts to back than up rather than some wishy-washy "I don't really think the idea works."
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Yes, basically this. The Debate forum isn't intended to be robotic or like a court trial, but the reason this place was created with stricter rules on debate was because Debates originally on RR were trainwrecks that would split the community and perhaps worse, spread the notion that the popular opinion was the true one, be it strawmanning or "I'm right because I'm offended".

--- Quote from: LOOK AROUND YOG. on March 02, 2015, 06:49 ---if you want to know my honest and slightly less manic Opinion then i think we have to concretely nail down an agreed objective standard of Art before we can go "are videogames art", which is the fundamental problem. there is no centrally agreed idea of Art we can even base this on, imo.
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--- Quote from: LOOK AROUND YOG. on March 02, 2015, 06:49 ---weird nerd grudges for people who are militant about videogames aside i honestly think the question is fundamentally flawed from the get-go. no-one can agree on what art is, so asking "are videogames art" is a shaky premise before its even started
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This is fine. I don't think many people here would disagree with that, in fact I think almost everyone here has basically echoed this sentiment in their own ways. As much as we can't quantify art, we all feel that we know it when we see it.

--- Quote from: LOOK AROUND YOG. on March 02, 2015, 23:37 ---i think its why i try to backseat Tough Love bully people on here cos i see them doing things that got me laughed at by people and made fun of and dragged thru the mud and im like "NOOOOOOOOOOO save urself! u still have a chance!" but i keep forgetting that a pokemon forum probably aint the place for unasked Xhanatos Life Guidance, and also some people just gotta learn the Nerd Lessons for themselves???
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I think the problem with this is that it assumes that everyone who is either proud of their hobby or doesn't have any problems in making it public has lived a sheltered life and has never faced severe bullying for doing so. Not everyone who has been bullied, assaulted, dragged through the mud and made fun of is automatically scared into secrecy or trauma, many people here have already had the 'Nerd lessons' beaten into them many times over and still don't let it dictate their lives - some of the older members had already had it before Pokemon was popular. It's not really tough love, it's just preaching to the converted by assuming the identity of the sort of person they've had more than enough experience with and do not like. It frankly comes across as trollish.


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