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Gambling in Video Games: Should the ban stay or no?

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So this shall be a debate over the law that states that gambling should not be allowed in Pokemon. I feel it doesn't matter if there is gambling. Its been in Pokemon since Gen 1 and I see no reason for the ban. What about the rest of you? Should the ban be kept, or should we try to overturn it if possible?

Kerou 犠牲:
Wait, is this actually banned? What a joke. Next we'll be banned from listening to Kenny Rogers.

Haha, the states bans everything it deems even remotely harmful, why else do you think they would ban kinder eggs? Canada's not much better, but at least we have kinder eggs.
But if they think banning gambling in pokemon will prevent gambling addiction, they should ban schools from doing lotteries as well because how is that any better? Sure, they may claim it's for a good cause, but how many kids do you think really care about that?

Although, I will admit, I did find Voltorb Flip in HGSS kinda fun. It was much easier to get all the coins you needed for whatever as well. I do wish they'd bring back the game corner and at least have something like that if they don't want to have slot machines.

Is this something that just recently came to light, or regarding the lawsuits of nearly 15 years ago?

Let's be real -- in a time where you can gamble real money by creating an account online, there's no real point in trying to protect the kiddies by banning fake slot machines.

the bread dragon:
if someone says thanks obama ill cry


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