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If you're in the UK you probably can't escape the name. What are your opinions on him? Is he the right man to lead Labour? Is he the right man to be PM? How else can we get rid of the horrible Tories?

Discuss, argue, whatever.

I'm not really following it all that much because I could give two less tosses about Labour any day, but like... do we really need another middling to old white guy leading another major party?

I'd never heard of Corbyn til the race for Labour's leadership - whereas I had heard of Yvette Cooper and Andy Burnham (I hadn't heard of Liz Kendall either tbh but idc)

idk. The strongest candidate in my opinion is Cooper. heck if she becomes leader I might consider voting Labour next time around.

also do not like the fact Corbyn wants to abolish tuition fees in only England - meaning what the heck happens to us Welsh students??? smh

lets all go out for some frosty chocolate milkshakes:
i'm probably being naive but i want corbyn to get in cos he's the only candidate who aint a shameful red tory

the other three candidates are annoying right-of-centre talking faces that will just continue the "lets do what the tories are doing" narrative that has been losing labour its core working class vote and any relevance at all over the last decade. miliband lost cos he sat on his balls and did nothing to counteract the tory narrative. the reason labour lost the last election is cos they lost left-wingers to the green party, working class right-wingers to UKIP and everyone else to the tories.

what labour has been trying to do lately is to claw back the tory vote from middle-class britain and old people, and as the recent election showed that aint really worked cos its like expecting the most conservative people of the bible belt to vote democrat for no good reason. 

i want corbyn to get in cos he actually seems Old Labour and not Lets Just Do More Blairite Labour like the other three.

unless they present any sort of counter-narrative to the tory "well we got money but we dont want you lot to have money. austerity for all while we charge several thousands of pounds for Dinner With The PM" thing we'll have the tories in till 2020-2025 and more at this rate

for those who aren't keeping up, jeremy corbyn is like the uk version of bernie sanders with the right-leaning press attempting to label him a socialist commie for daring to address the left wing

disclaimer: im not a labour supporter and wont be. i regularly throw my vote away by voting green, they came second in our district for votes so it weren't too bad

It'll be between Burnham and Corbyn for leadership. Corbyn might win it but I won't be annoyed if Burnham got in.

I've voted Labour in both general elections I've been elegible for and will continue to do so.

I had a look into this guy today, I definitely want him in. I think at this stage he seems even more left-wing than the Lib Dems did. I support most of the stuff he's backed so far and think he would be brilliant in charge of the UK, probably one of the first politicians I actively support as oppose to just prefer.

I also like the way that Blair's spin doctor was bricking it trying to put people off voting for him, claiming he's a looney that will drive Labour over the edge. I wonder how many people will sit there and go "Hm, let's listen to what this spin doctor has to say, he might have an interesting, balanced perspective." 


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