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Ah yes, it's almost that time of year, when all of the politicians come out to try to stake their claim to the white house, in 'merica. Talk about whose team you're on, idiotic quotes from the hopefuls, and what key issues you're concerned about.

Quick recap for those who are out of the loop but still interested:

Obama has almost served all of his eight years of presidency, so it's time for someone else to take over. On the republican side, we have many, many hopefuls, while on the democratic side, we have a lot less options, which is to be expected when a democrat leaves office, as people who swing from one party to the other will often switch sides. Right now there seems to be a lot of options, but as debates continue our options will narrow until we have to choose between only two people we probably don't really like. Yay!

From poking around the internet, I'm predicting the big issues will be:

* Drone use on and off American soil
* Planned Parenthood
* International Relations with NK and the Middle East
* Privacy
* Affirmative Action
* Police reform
The Republican Corner:

Donald Trump: A real estate magnate with no filter who also did the apprentice. He's a favorite of the republicans at this moment, pulling in 25.5% of the republican vote in primary polls. He's not taken seriously by most people in politics, most likely because this isn't his first rodeo, and his lack of eloquence with speaking. Earlier this year he got slammed for referring to mexican immigrants as criminals and rapists at a rally. He's wishy washy with his stances: He's against gun control, but supports a ban on assault weapons and longer waiting periods to buy guns... for that reason I won't bother to explain his further stances, because I feel they hold little salt and I feel that all he needs is some clown makeup to complete his image.

Jeb Bush: Fun fact, Jeb's nickname is an acronym of his full name, John Ellis Bush, meaning when you call him "Jeb Bush", it's like saying ATM Machine. Hailing from the Bush dynasty with ~13% of the vote, he's most similar to other familiar republicans, like John McCain and Romney. Traditionally anti-abortion, anti-affirmative action, pro-surveillance, pro-gun, anti-obamacare, and supports mining the earth for energy, including on federal lands. Opposes medical and recreational marijuana, net neutrality, and believes in giving illegal immigrants legal status, but not citizenship.

Ted Cruz: A texan senator with less than 6% of the vote, he's against the affordable care act, and more for bombing ISIL than putting boots on the ground. He stands with Israel, and has a bit of a harsher stance on foreign policy than some republicans. Opposes net neutrality, abortion, criticizes the NSA, and is a big fan of the flat tax.

Ben Carson: A black neurosurgeon with grassroots origins, he's a favorite of some republicans, but can't seem to garner support from the majority. He doesn't believe in evolution, and does believe being gay is a choice. He's anti-marijuana, pro-gun, and once equated the Affordable Care Act with slavery.

I'll add anyone else who can manage to get more than 5% of the republican vote. Here's a list of how the candidates are polling as of now.

The Democratic Corner:

Hilary Clinton: The former secretary of state from the Clinton Clan, she got off to a bad start due to an email controversy, but she's currently raking in about 54% of the democratic vote. She supports social programs, clean energy, and wants to raise the federal minimum wage. She likes socialized health care, Israel, and believes in opening up legal pathways for illegals to live and work here. She threatened to obliterate Iran if they used nukes on Israel, and wants to open diplomatic relations with Cuba. There's literally so much info on this woman, if you wanna know more, click the link.

Bernie Sanders: Reddit's favorite, Sanders is an unapologetic socialist who is managing almost 18% of the democratic vote. He is unique in how he has been funded by his own pocket and individual donations, without the help of super PACs or corporations. He's staunchly pro-choice, even voting that partial birth abortion should remain legal. He promises to focus on income and wealth inequality by raising taxes on the richest percentage of the US and making it harder for businesses to dodge taxation. He is one of the few candidates to speak out against the TPP, and he also hopes to make college more affordable for Americans. Pro clean energy, and against getting involved in the middle east. He's for restrictions on guns, giving workers more family related benefits, and doesn't support the immigration of unskilled workers.

If more dems come up, I'll add 'em. Here's an up-to-date poll.

Tonight is the GOP debate, so we should be hearing a bit from the republican candidates, and get some new fresh 2015 information of their views. Personally, I'm interested to see how they're supposed to disagree with each other... well, except Donald Trump, he's a total instigator.

Personally, I'm the biggest fan of Bernie Sanders, but I usually seem to be in support of the people who don't gain a lot of traction... I appreciate Bernie's transparency and I probably disagree with him on the least amount of issues. I would appreciate Clinton, but she seems incredibly bought and while I don't disagree with her on as many things as the other candidates, I feel like her priorities and what she talks about aren't exactly where they should be.

What do you all think?

Kerou 犠牲:
Waka Flocka for president tbh

Ah, I've heard he's very sympathetic to reforming drug laws. I forgot to write a short bio on him.

Captain Jigglypuff:
I don't care too much for politics but here is my take on all the candidates.

Donald Trump seems to be all talk.

lets all go out for some frosty chocolate milkshakes:
got an awful feeling it'll be Hilary .vs. Jeb and jeb will win cos of public democrat disillusionment (like the uk's swing to tory after 12 years of labour) and the fact that the rather loud and angry majority will go "a WOMAN president!??!? after a black president????" and really force the vote for jeb to get some "normal looking president in for once to restore order" cos you know how it goes

i mean obama got in twice so anything could happen and i really hope you dont join us in the UK in "idiotic swing to right because imigants and terrorism arg blarg ARE TROOPS etc" and everyone being magically surprised when the right-wing defunds everything they have but it seems to be the Trend lately, sadly.

really the big issue to Discuss is environmental control and the whole fiscal cliff thing but lmao good luck at people being interested in that and the corporations/1%  standing for "we need some of YOUR money for once for the good of the country instead of all the poor peoples' money"

trump has said that he will run independant if he doesn't get the leader nomination which hopefully should mess the republican lot up a bit if nothing else? this election will be an entertaining one for sure.

for anyone not quite up to speed this (the odd nsfw warning if u know of some pbf strips) is a good tumblr to get an idea of whats been going on in the election run-up, if you're like me and learn best thru satire

what i really want to happen is Sanders .vs. Trump, mind you cos it'd be the perfect match in hell, socialism vs capitalism in its purest and most beautiful form. sanders would win and the working classes and minorities would rise and seize control, and the efforts of the usa since the cold war began to be vehemently anti-union and anti-socialism would finally collapse. the GDP of the us would surge overnight as poor and less-poor alike co-operate for the good of all. i mean i can dream right? 

(p.s. trump is the word in northern england for a fart so its p apt)

p.p.s. is ron paul still running?

p.p.p.s. this is SO DUMB of me to say and ive been meaning to say it for a while but uh liz this is a really good OP and u put an awful lot of effort into these sorts of Discussion topics ive noticed. i dunno if people tell you this or let you know cos usually it devolves into trademark puk style awkward staring at the floor and arguing/trying too hard to be funny/nerding out about something unrelated half a page most the time, but goddamn u do work hard to create Discussion here i think and i dunno if people tell u this enough


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