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gambling in pokemon?

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sans the skeleton:
so like
in short: game corners and the like gradually got phased out of pokemon due to gambling things and laws in europe and other places. they thought the kids would become hardcore gamblers because of the games for some reason??? (like whos kid plays the slots on a video game and then immediately goes to a casino to spend their entire college fund??? no kid i know of??)

like cmon give us your opinions, do you think they were right in doing that or not? do you think nintendos hands were tied? would you have made that decision if you were at top?

Lord Raven:
I'm curious, what were the gambling laws in Europe?

sans the skeleton:
something to do with the european union in response to loads of controversy due to 'exposure to minors' and the 'unpredictable element' and how youths were impressionable, etc. people were all up in arms about it, especially allowing minors to participate in it in any way, so nintendo eventually budged on it. so "the Pan-European Game Information (PEGI) organization implemented stricter guidelines that limited gambling to adult-oriented video games and rated all games featuring gambling 18+" (as quoted from another website).  so obviously nintendo doesnt want to make 18+ pokemon games so im guessing they had to follow that

its also why the ABSOLUTE ABOMINATION called voltorb exists in the non-japanese releases of HGSS

Lord Raven:
I liked voltorb flip a lot, but that's just me.

I don't think they're right in doing that because it's kinda nonsense that someone would develop a gambling addiction based on a video game.

Meowstic Royalty:
Yeah, the idea that gambling in Pokemon, which can be just an innocent slot machine in which a Clefairy points at what reel to hit, can cause gambling addictions amongst minors, is a bit farfetched. No Pokémon pun intended.

Just because I can train a Charmamder doesn't mean I grab a lizard from outside and stuff it chock full of habaneros until it breathes fire and burns my foes either. The idea that video games influence violence in real life is a bit silly IMO. I play GTA but I don't have the urge to go outside, carjack someone and commit some casual mass murder.

Sure, that's a little different from Pokémon, but considering Pokémon gambling tends to be innocent slot machines, the logic still applies. Seeing a Clefairy point at reels while cheery music plays in the background isn't gonna make a minor run out and blow all the money on his parents' credit cards on gambling in real life, it's just not how it works. But the theory that video games warrant violence tends to blow everything out of proportion.


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