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I'm not super informed on this, but I have a feeling that this is the hot topic of today. The vote to leave was overwhelmingly old people, and the vote to stay was overwhelmingly young people, which is really how all politics work isn't it? Anyways, I'm guessing we're going to mostly be on the same side but I just want to learn most about this and do some theoretics and stuff. I heard about the possibility of this while I was studying in Europe and everyone I spoke to about it in Italy and Spain said they were super scared it would the beginning of the end of the EU... I don't know if it will come down to that, but we shall see.

Anyways, I wake up this morning and it turns out the value of the pound has dropped by 10%... found this fun image

so 'splain here and don't clog up 1st world problems because is it really just a first world problem when your currency plummets like that in hours, also the unstoppable tide of nationalism that's sweeping the world right now is also a concerning piece of this

ALSO DAVID CAMERON STRAIGHT UP RESIGNED??? Did we know this was going to happen??? What have I woke up to?!

Ok before I evem begin I'm on a tablet with sick nasty awful autocorectangular so forgive me for any mistakes

So I'm a staunch believer of the EU. So many places only exist today because of Europe funding- places like the Gardens of Eden. They were funded with EU money because of how poor and basically crappy the area was - and the crappier, the more EU funding it can qualify for. So, basically, rip in pieces places that relied on this money (south West England,  all of Wales,  other parts of England too)

The Leave campaign was basically full of either lies, hearsay or inflated figures. First of all, the £350 mil a week thing they kept quoting? Lies. It's more like £270 mil a week. Farage and Co were quoted with saying they'd spend this money on the NHS - and yet he appeared on Sky News this morning and said that, no,they weren't going to spend that money on the NHS as promised.

Leave was also focused on ~ teh evul immigrantz ~, blaming all of them for our economic woes. They also confused refugees fleeing from persecutions do war with economic migrants (which obviously they're not the same), and basically filled their campaign with a healthy dose of racism.

Cameron said if vote Leave won, he would resign. Some MPs sent him a letter, urging him to stay on, but hes a man of his word and I respect that- even if abiding by his word meant he's screwed our country over and lost his job in one fell swoop.

The remain campaign did it's best but was lacklustre- and Corbyn sat back and watched instead of really helping out until the last possible moment, so I'm not surprised at calls for him to step down.

And yeah, it's another case of the older generations, the baby boomers, reaping the benefits of something before deciding they don't like having to pay the membership fee and screw over their kids and grandkids. I'm disappointed beyond belief and so utterly incensed by this complete debacle

I voted leave because I believe that Britain's sovereignty is more important than the EU's money, which by the way is a net loss for the UK, we pay more into the EU than we get out of it. The EU benefits Germany more than anyone else because the existence of the Euro allows the Germans to sell their industrial produce at competitive prices. Look at how it has shafted Greece and Spain, who 'enjoy' massive levels of youth unemployment, 50% for Greece and around 40% for Spain. Greece even hired Goldman Sachs to fiddle with their balance sheets to even gain them EU admission in the first place, and since Greece can't default on their debts, again another fault of the EU, things will only get worse and worse for them.

The EU was 'required' upon its creation; a bulwark against communist expansion was needed, hence the need for a strong and united Europe. That was then, but communism is now dead save for Cuba and North Korea.

The remain campaign lost because their strategy was based entirely on fear; fear of the unknown and 'better the devil we know'.  Also time for a fun little fact about Jeremy Corbyn: he is actually anti-EU. But instead of sticking to his principles he abandoned them and toed the party line, as Labour is a pro-EU party. Showing his lack of a backbone in my view.

The pound dropping is not a bad thing either. A weaker currency means your exports are cheaper and therefore more competitive. Besides, after the initial shock it rallied back up again anyway; in the long term that shock is literally nothing.

The elderly vote did admittedly win it for Brexit, but upon examining the voter turnout statistics you will find that only 36% of people aged 18-24 even voted, on an issue that will affect them more than anyone else. This number for the 65+ demographic? 83%. The total voter turnout was around 70%, the highest it's been for any issue in decades. If you are angry at anyone for the result, it shouldn't be the elderly who, through the democratic process, made their voice heard, and fought for this great country in two world wars.

The UK will be fine, despite what remain might lie and tell you. The USA, Canada and Germany have already said that they are desperate to trade with us. Hardly the 'isolation' that remain promised.  Also, Aston Martin have just announced that they are investing £200m in a car plant in Wales. Hardly the death of British industry that we were told would happen.

Even so, arguing about the result accomplishes nothing. The result is final, and that petition to have another vote simply shows the arrogance and contempt for democracy that Remain have, simply because they lost. Instead, we should accept this result and forge a new path for the UK. The future is bright.

EDIT: Apologies for any typos, I typed this on my phone.

Lord Raven:
wow laprabi you should move to america and work on the trump campaign

im sure u wouldnt be out of place

the bread dragon:

--- Quote from: Laprabi on June 25, 2016, 23:05 ---The future is bright.

--- End quote ---

i actually laughed at this


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