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Data leaks and hacking

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Big Brother is always watching.

All I heard about the Snowden leaks is there was a huge rush to try and falsify him and then prosecute him, which made everyone with half a brain see that it was legitimate information.

And clearing your browsing history doesn't do anything this time.

It's already happening. Facebook uses your phone's build-in microphone to listen to your conversations all the time, then sells that information to advertising companies. Have you ever been talking about something you'd like to buy, then later see ads on Facebook advertising that exact product? Now you know why.

Yeah the government has been spying on everyone for years now. Under the guise of 'preventing terrorism' no doubt but who decides what is terrorism and what isn't?

--- Quote from: Lord Thistlewick Flanders on March 23, 2017, 19:29 ---people were Shocked about the NSA and all that but the uk is an Expert at espionage and Intelligence to the point where we were the ones who figured out how the ussr was eavesdropping on the white house at the end of the war and i guess we got drunk on being the survelliance capital of the world.
--- End quote ---

How else do you think the Soviets figured out how to build their nukes? Lord knows they couldn't figure it out themselves so they had their Manhattan Project spies deliver them the information.

Even so you'd think with all this surveillance you'd think there would be less crime and less terrorist attacks. I guess they've got their priorities mixed up, like the Germans who recently raided a load of homes in Berlin for literal Facebook posts that they disagree with.


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