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Makoto Niijima:
So Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon were announced for the 3DS on today's Pokemon Direct and releasing November this year.

Really can't wait to find out more on these as I love Sun and Moon. Hopefully there will be new Alolan forms.

New Alolan forms would be nice, yeah. Or heck, even straight-up new Pokemon, however unlikely that is. Wouldn't mind new Megas either Actually we'd probably sooner get new Z-Moves, huh?

Anyway, looking forward to more info, as well. Part of me wants to give Ultra Sun a chance, but part of me wants to save my money... I guess it doesn't help I only got Sun two months ago, so maybe I'm just not in a hurry to try it either way.

The apparent "alternate telling" thing is a pretty cool angle imo, but I hope they go the whole hog with it instead of "Mostly the same as the first two versions but with minor differences/bells & whistles" like pretty much every third version ever. Not that more post-game would be a bad thing; as much as I personally liked the Battle Royal, even that gets old after a while.

Sun and Moon felt so unfinished so hopefully this will be a good successor! If i have to go through that first island again god help me.

Captain Jigglypuff:
I'm getting both versions again! I will start my first run through with Litten this time around.

Likely going with Rowlet this time. I know it won't happen, but I hope you get to join team skull for a bit. That would be so cool.


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