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What Did You Think of Pokemon Sword/Shield?

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Wasn't that great, I think the series needs an overhaul. I get that the franchise is keeping its focus on kids but so many Pokemon fans are older and want more from these games. Adding a hard mode would make the games work for everyone. Ideally, a hard mode wouldn't let you use items in battle (including the X boost moves), opponents wouldn't have 2 pokemon all the time, leveling wouldn 't be so easy, and AI movesets would be more competitive (Battle Tower sets are somewhat competitive, so clearly they know how to do this).

Also the addition of ranked battles is cool, and I understand that 6v6's take a long time, but man 3v3 matches suck. It becomes more about choosing the right Pokemon to counter the 3 Pokemon you think your opponent will choose based on the team preview rather than prediction and game sense. You can do 6v6 battles outside of ranked but it's just teams full of Zacians and Mewtwos.


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