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What Did You Think of Pokemon Sword/Shield?

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--- Quote ---It's not all bad news though, there were definitely some good parts.
Thoughts from everyone else?

--- End quote ---
I totally agree. I wasn´t too sure about the game when I got it (because of feedback from friends) but I have to say that it´s not totally bad.
Sure, the Pokemon were ok but I didn´t like the story. But then I really liked the Wild Arena like you already said.

So I guess for me the game just didn´t give me what I had hoped for. But I wouldn´t say it was terrible..

The addition of Dynamax wasn't as good as I thought. I think that the Wild Area was also really good, but it's not big enough if you don't buy the DLC. However, I liked the concept of the Wild Area because you could catch Pokemon that normally need to be traded to evolve in the wild (Gengar, Conkeldurr, etc).

Overall, it's much easier to catch, breed and level up competitive Pokemon than other games (which was what I wanted to do). The mints are fantastic because you can change the nature of a shiny Pokemon you painstakingly caught without worrying about finding another one.

Richard and Blaziken:
SwSh are the first games I didn't buy in the series I've loved since I was 9, when I first got Yellow version. I watched and helped my niece through her copy, and came to realize that I made the right call. Beyond the NationalDex stuff, which was a huge bummer in and of itself, these games are so blatantly rushed and unpolished. It's clear that Game Freak has been burnt out from years of forcing these games out annually or bi-annually. Knowing that these games sold incredibly regardless of quality doesn't bode well for the series going forward. Gen 7 was already pretty bad, but at least I have the Pokemon I like there, so I guess I'm stuck in Alola forever.

Lord Raven:
Wild Area and UI improvements (like visible wild pokemon) single handedly save the game

Otherwise would be incredibly bare bones

Definitely, I know people have been asking for it for a while but I'm on board with the idea now that Pokemon needs to have its BOTW moment. IMO Pokemon has always been an 'open world' game to some degree, certainly it felt like that in the Gameboy days. I think the Wild Area is the future of the game and the DLC is hopefully GameFreak starting to realize that.

It was very barebones though, some of the bugs(???) made the game feel really lazy. Fishing in spots in Motostoke city shows a battle scene in the countryside..small things like that definitely grated on me, especially when you consider this is the highest grossing media franchise ever.


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