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Okay, so it should have been released last Sunday or something. We're late. Blame me being busy on more important life goals.

Anyway, the cool thing! Tournament tracking. An upgrade of a small feature I coded before, this can be used to keep track of WiFi or Netbattle (knockout) tournaments, but also sprite-offs, writing contests, or whatever else people prefer. As long as it's one vs one.

So how does it work? A brief summary, although you should be able to figure it out. If you want to run a tournament, you request to do so. One of the admins approves or denies it. Let's assume it's the former, that's more fun. At that point, you need to do some work. Get everyone who wants to be a part to sign up through the provided links. People can find it on their own, but you obviously want to encourage them.

You approve the people who sign up. When enough people have, you can start the tournament. At that point, people have their battles or whatever. When a member has won, both the winner and the loser confirm it (let's go for fair play here!) and the winner is send through to the next round. A tournament leader or admin can override this, sending you through immediately. This goes on to the final round, where, when the winner is decided, the tournament is obviously over.

Yeah, I guess you should just try it out and see for yourself.

Tournament Tracking

Great work, though it still needs to be tested I guess.

Does it support round robin or group stages of tournaments? Like in my Mono Tourney which has 4 groups of 3 in the first round (click the link for details of the rules I'm using).

We've already put it through testing and there should be no (significant) bugs.

It does not support group stages, they do not fit in with the current design and cannot be suitably automated. Most notably, there is no clear way to decided what to do in case of a draw. (With a three person group, A beat B, B beats C, C beats A), but there is also the question on how to divide groups (what if we end up with 13 members?)

Latias Tamer:
It's a fantastic idea and I can't wait to see it working throughout the forum.

Btw, I take it we can still set up tournaments outside this, right? Like in Sprite Fan art, we have regular contests set up by members. So do we have to use this for every contest we do, or is it optional?

No, you don't have to, if it doesn't fit your tournament setup, but it's obviously encouraged.


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