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Trainer Search

Is it useful? No, not really, to be honest. But it is fun. This new little feature searches our trainer data for trainers with your name, or those names close to it. Try it, it's fun. What Pokemon do you own in the Pokemon games?

(Trainer data is not yet fully complete, since I am working on adding those and I have had other obligations. It'll be there eventually, so keep checking back!)

Haha, that's funky. Clever how it recognises Japanese spellings too.

Like Kay -> Kei.

Amazingly pointlessly good fun :D

I typed in my name and it came up with Bug Catcher Rob from GSC. o.o

Utack and Swampy:
I got stuck as a bug catcher in my secert base, and I choose bug catcher as my wifi person to match, I go type my name in and it's all bug catchers. lol, I don't even have that many bug pokemon ^-^

my name is dawn and so prouds


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