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Reminder: The deadline is extended until the 20th. Be sure to sign up before then if you still want to come!

Ladies and gentlemen PKMN.NET members,

The summer is coming up, the admins want to celebrate a holiday, and we have decided we want to spend a small amount of that time with you. Therefore, here is the real, official, actual announcement for the second PKMN.NET official meet!

Where? London, again. This is during my holiday, and I want to spend my holiday in an interesting place, not some backwater sleeper city with no attractions. I don't think a meet in Paris or Athens will be much appreciated either.
When? 26 July. This is a Saturday, which some people preferred over last year's Sunday. The room and plane tickets are booked, so this is now set as well.

How? Sign up for it. But only if you meet our requirements. Only those of 16 years or older are allowed to attend. If you're 16 or 17 (and in some cases even when you're older), you must ask your parents or guardians for permission. That's a legal requirement.

If you are interested in coming along, reply to this topic. Do so before 20 July, so we have a chance of planning everything. Also let us know if someone will be coming along with you, so we can take this into account for our plans.
('Donations' might also speed up the process. Payment possible before or during the meet :))

Exact times and locations will be decided in private, and you will not be able to do so until you have signed up and have been approved. This is to prevent just anyone from finding out what's going on and assure we can have a slightly safer meet.

Admin note: We are not interested in complaints about the location. The meet will be in London. We're not going to travel around the country to meet anyone, we don't want to go to a place for one day, while spending the rest of our holiday elsewhere, and we don't want to inflict such a burden on every single other member who's coming either.
Times are not negotiable either. We've already had to do a lot of planning to get a time that is vaguely appropriate, and having booked everything, we can't change it now. Also, a similar reasoning as before applies.

(As for the small print: We reserve the right to refuse admittance to members for any reasons we consider appropriate. If, for example, you joined the site two days ago, you need to forgive us for not being quite as sure about your intentions)

Trainer Dave:

...unfortunately I work on a Saturday =[

...unless it's an AM thing. I don't think I can make it.

*Is disappointed, but doesn't mind*

-Just to let you know that I am interested though...

I'm sorry, but it won't be. It simply wouldn't work out for everyone.

Trainer Dave:

--- Quote from: Joeno on May 08, 2008, 16:50 ---I'm sorry, but it won't be. It simply wouldn't work out for everyone.

--- End quote ---
Yeah. I understand that... =/


hehe, I live in London...

So yeah, I could tag along if it is close enough to me...

But yeah, I know my limits so I won't be willing to go too far...



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