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SPRITE RESOURCE: v1.0.0 released


After many months (with most of the work coming in the last week), the PKMN.NET Sprite Resource v1.0.0 has been released.

What does this mean? It means that now all the sprites are uploaded, available on the site by clicking here or now in one single easy download for use offline (Broadband recommended).

Feedback would be nice, but I hope you find it useful, and enjoy it  :)

Wow, this is very useful. Now I am just 2 clicks away from getting my favourite sprites! This is wonderful, thanks a bunch, Mike. :)

I really like the way you have split the Pokémon into many groups, so you can sort things out. For example, Castform's forms. It's just brilliant! This is excellent news for spriters, and people who want to use sprites for there other uses. Absolutely fabulous. A sprite resource full of many things is just what loads of people needed. It may even attract other people to the site.

Once again, thanks for this. I will use this straight away! :D

Edit: After looking at Male Pokémon, frame 1, I found that it said that Purugly can only be female. That's just a small mistake I found...

This is really useful. Now I can get the Female Only Pokemon and the gender differences, and the shiny forms. This makes spriting much easier, especially for those who don't know where to find sprites on other sites, like me.

This is great, thanks so much, Mike!


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