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PKMN.NET: 'Admins on Tour'- Live Blog!

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The PKMN.NET admins are on holiday in London. And obviously, you care deeply about this. So in lieu of updates to the site about... y'know, Pokemon, and that, here's some live updates about what they've been doing. Saturday is the day of the big official PKMN.NET meet-up, so expect to see the most activity then.

You can find the live blog here, on the wonderfully convenient front page of the site. Also, if you are wondering who is talking in these live blogs, it's most likely to be Psythor.


The most important thing to discuss: Who will end up punching James first?

My money's on Typhlosion, after Psythor accidentally brings up Chelsea in casual conversation.

I think I was the first one to do so in the end.


--- Quote from: Joeno on July 29, 2008, 18:27 ---I think I was the first one to do so in the end.

--- End quote ---

I was a close second though.


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