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Gen 6 Semi-Monotype Showdown tourney!

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Richard and Blaziken:
Excadrill doesn't really need to be banned. It's not banned or even broken in gen 6, and you've removed weather, so it's even less broken in this tourney than it could be in any regular match you'd play. Same deal for Tornadus. A lot of the previous gen Pokemon aren't banned this gen, so playing by gen 5's banlist is a bit silly. Also, Zygarde isn't banned; it's worse than Garchomp in every way except getting odd things like ExtremeSpeed that still don't justify using it over Garchomp.

That said, I'll take Psychic.

Edit: Also, are these best 2/3? When are we allowed to change our teams, if at all? In my opinion, it'd be preferable keeping the same teams for each 2/3 against the same opponent, with the option to change the wildcard after that set of 2/3 is over.

Could I take the flying type please!


--- Quote from: JSM on December 28, 2013, 16:47 ---Could I take the flying type please!

--- End quote ---

I hit it first. ;)

Oh whoops =S I'll take ghost then.

@Rich, I'll fix that. And yes 2 of 3. I also know why you chose psychic, or have an idea of it.

I'll insert you all in there.


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