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Angelic Lapras King:
My Micro SD Card died last month so I've had to start all over again. T.T I still got my Sharpedonite but all over data was lost.

Still, already back up to Mega Aerodactytal so slowly recovering what I lost (I'd advice backing up your SD Card's save data regularly if you don't want to lose all those many hours... @_@ )

Am playing the mobile version now as it's more easily accessible for me (: Everything's so expensive! Why should I pay 5k coins for Attack Boost when it's just 3k in the 3DS version? Such a pain ): And the Meowth level's pretty.... uhh... I don't like its unpredictable-ness in giving out coins.

On the 3DS, I still haven't beat Gothitelle. Been too busy trying to get Safari Pokes and Dusknoir. Gourgeist really hates me...

To all the people who use ditto in competition: Screw you

Hahex and Oshawott:
I feel like I can never get any of the competition mega stones. Everyone always burns coins or just has really powerful pokemon for it or something.

Mega Banette is an easy one for me since I had a stockpile of coins and most of my pokemon were maxed out. I still hate ditto users though. >.>


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