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Trading Card Game / What are your favourite decks?
« on: December 26, 2014, 08:41 »
Throughout the whole world of the Pokemon Trading Card Game there have been many cards and many decks have been formed. What are your favourite decks? Personally I really like uaing Round decks and Gallade/Malamar EX.

Round Decks are decks that revolve around the move Round,  which is only available to a few Pokemon such as Exploud, Seismitoad, Palpitoad, Meloetta EX and many otners. Round does 30-50 damage but for each Pokemon which has Round in play, it adds damage. I run this deck with 4 Whismur, 4 Exploud, 4 Meloetta EX, 1 Emolga and 1 Exeggcute. I do not run Loudred as I have 4 rare candies ans Exploud is my main attacker as it does 50 damage per Round user in play although it costs 4 energy. Meloetta is a must use card in Round decks because it is a basic Pokemon which has Round so Call for Family/Pokemon Fan Club works for it. Emolga is just for Call for Family or a last resort plan. Exeggcute is run because of it's ability Propogation which I use for Ultra Balls.

The Gallade/Malamar EX deck is a deck I've never seen anyone use before. These 2 cards have great synergy together and can deal massive damage. Gallade is a pretty straight forward card where it takes 2 colourless energy to use Powerful Storm(does 20 damage for each energy on your Pokemon in play. Malamar EX's Hyper Hypnosis(each time you attach an energy to Malamar Ex, the defending Pokemon is asleep) has great synergy with Gallade. Malamar EX's MAXamar(flip a coin for each energy attached to your Malamar EX. For each heads, 60 damage is done). This is very good because for each energy in play, You do 20 damage on Gallade and Malamar Ex encourages you amd rewards you by attaching energy to it. Malamar EX puts the defending Pokemon to sleep and if Gallade does go down, you have a powered Malamar EX on the bench just waiting.

So what are your favourite decks? It doesn't have to be a good deck, it can be a fun one too like Top deck Xatu/Swoobat deck.

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