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Your Sprite Art / Re: 120x120 Mega scratch sprites!
« on: January 31, 2016, 11:01 »
Eh, I'm back to look into this Kanto competition in feb. Cracking out the macho brace, getting back into training.

I was always reassured of the small size of sprites when spriting, as it meant you could dodge detail - so it's intimidating to try a 120x120. You've done it awesomely. I'd love to see a Salamence join the roster!

Your Sprite Art / Re: 120x120 Mega scratch sprites!
« on: January 30, 2016, 18:35 »
They're awesome dude. They look proper professional, like they're from a spin off game - are you secretly an artist for Pokemon Go..? =P

Love the Mega-ken. Looks proper determined. 8]

Random Randomness / Re: I've spent half my life here...
« on: December 05, 2014, 10:56 »
Don't take it personally Muhed, I don't respond to anything anywhere, here, facebook, my phone. Either I'm cool and mysterious that way, or just a dreadful friend.

That said, a milestone as important as this one is a big deal, so I've dusted off the username so that I could come and congratulate you. I can't really talk for now, considering I've not been on in a year...or some....but when I was active, you were very much a keystone in the bridge that was PKMN.NET's community.

You're right, we seemed to disagree about everything - but I still had a lot of respect for you despite that, which I think is a testament to good friendship. (Let's not say what unanswered facebook messages is testament to. ^^; )

I think I will make an effort to come on IRC a bit more so I can catch up with both you and the rest of the crowd.

And I assure you, my post count is real. I spent a great deal of time studying with learned mages who could twist the fabric of code to create this insubstantial veil of "High Post Count." You're just jealous brah. ;)

EDIT: Seems my mastery of the complexities of the Codex Internetia was incomplete. The illusion has faded - I think you now take on my mantle as King of Post Count?

If it effects multiplayer battles, gen 6 confirmed for worst metagame imo. Still think these are dumb additions, I don't really get it. I already have astronomically terrible luck, I don't need more luck playing into every battle.

^Yes, so much so.

You'd think that, being a player that loves relying on luck as a strategy, I would welcome this. Quite the opposite, in fact.

I enjoy using luck based strategies in the current metagame because they're so much fun when they actually work. I love missing with Quick Claw Horn Drill three times, because when that fourth Horn Drill lands a hit, it feels /fantastic./

If /every single game/ is plagued with random effects such as evasion and random status heal...christ, it'll be awful.

I'd rather it be that Pokemon with high happiness got higher /accuracy./

Gosh, I don't know about this at all. x_x;

Games General / Re: VGC / TCG Euro Nationals 2013
« on: March 30, 2013, 13:30 »
Ahhh, now I see what you were saying about France and Spain being forced out of the VGC...that really isn't fair on them at all. I mean, the fact that Spain is such an incredible force to be reckoned with in these tournaments...and their venue has been removed? =/

I'm ashamed to admit that my first thought was "YES No powerful spaniards in the VGC ^_^" - and then it occurred to me that this actually means MORE powerful Spanish players in the UK tournament. It's going to be as tough as ever!

Spriter, definitely look at coming, it's such a fantastic day. We stoked ourselves to much the first year we went as a group, and then did /terribly/ - so we decided that we'd take it easy, just battle for fun, and we had a much better time because of it. Or maybe that was because Kyriakou came second and won us all a trip to Hawaii? WHO KNOWS. =P

I'm really not sure what team I'm going to run this year; I've been so out of practice, I haven't played competitively since Hawaii itself. I might even cave and use's just getting dem pocketmonz in time for June, while juggling a degree...

Hm. Rambling. Either way, I'm excited! =D

Older Main Games / Re: Tim and Richard's HGSS Nuzlocke!
« on: March 28, 2013, 00:53 »
So it's been ages since I wrote, but I've been SO BUSY OMG

Last time I wrote, we'd lost a load of our friends. I won't lie, it has been SO hard living without them - they were my friends, you know? And I met up with Adam, and it turns out he's lost a lot of Pokemon - like, permanently - and he was really nice and I felt a bit guilty for being so SUPER mean to him. We both evolved our Gravelers (HE NAMED HIS AFTER ME =33333 I pretended to be super mad but I'm like OMG he fancies me *swoon* )

Anyway, I decided I'd train up Sheila who just won't shut up - she just squawks all the time and I reckon she'll evolve into something really pretty - so I trained her up against all the Tentacools that are in the sea on the way to Cianwood AND SHE DID EVOLVE

And now she squawks even louder x_X


She was absolutely amazing and DESTROYED Chuck. He was all "IMMA DOUBLE TEAM" and I'm all "SHEILA USE AERIAL ACE" and she's all "IMMA HIT WITH AERIAL ACE"



It was amazing.

So then this chick gave me Fly AND OMG - it's so cool. I can ride on Sheila's back and she flies me everywhere and I think she's my new favourite Pokemon ^_^

And then I went to Mahogany and there was this gym run by DUMBLEPryce, who was really strong; but Morty the Machop managed to evolve into Machoke which was super helpful - he just threw Pyce's Pokemon at the walls and we WON.

So now I'm back in Goldenrod, because Whitney phoned me up and was all "baw Team Rocket" and I'm like "I love the slots so I can swing by and help out maybe!?!?!?" so yeah! Here I am. Going to bed now. =]


So it's still today, but loads of stuff has happened. Again. x_x;

I got woken up in the night by TEAM ROCKET coming into the Pokemon Centre and being REALLY loud and threateny (like they were threatning the nUrse and stuff) so I managed to scare them off and knocked one of them out. And I was like "omg these clothes would totes fit me" so I dressed up as one of them to see how cool dI'd look AND THEN THIS ADMIN COMES IN and is all "ermagherd you're late for the takeover we need to go to the Radio Tower" and I'm like "yeah I'm totes a Team Rocket member herp"

So then I'm in the Radio Tower and Team Rocket are trying to take over and I'm like "imma be a spy" and then JERICHO OMG shows up and is all "DANIKA YOU'RE NOT TEAM ROCKET" *facepalm*

So I have to go on the offensive and start beating the hell out of Team Rocket

And that's when it happens

This Weezing uses Explosion. And hits Roxie the Golem.

And she faints.

I was in a massive rage, and I decided there and then that I would single handedly destroy every single Team Rocket member there.

So I end up in the basement of the shopping centre (don't ask how it's boring) and Sheila is literally shredding EVERYONE - and then a Koffing uses Selfdestruct....

and in like an hour, two more of my friends have gone.

I don't...even know how I got here, but I'm in the Game Corner. Team Rocket have left the city, and Kio keeps touching my arm all gently like he's asking if I'm okay. The guy running the Voltorb Flips asked me if I was okay after my ordeal, but I don't think I rememebr what he's talkinga bout. TEam Rocket's gone, so everything's okay, right? What does it matter how they were driven away?

So now I'm sat here. I don't think I want to train Pokemon any more. I'm going to just sit here forever, playing this Voltorb Flip game, until I win big and can move to Unova or something. I bet this kind of thing doesn't happen there. :(


LV32 Kio (Ursaring)
LV 26 Hilton (Ledian)
LV 29 Ursula (Tentacruel)
LV 28 Morty (Machoke)

Those that have passed...

Eli the Hoothoot
Oz the Pidgeotto
Cleo the Unown
Roosevelt the Slowpoke
Roxie the Golem
Sheila the Fearow

Random Randomness / Re: Nostalgia Thread
« on: March 17, 2013, 12:47 »
[quote[Egg Knight, too, that's a blast from the past. We "went out" for a few months iirc, he was.. a character.[/quote]

Would you say he was a...joker?

This topic is loverly - I love the feeling of nostalgia so much.

It's weird, but I still feel like I'm part of the "current" generation. I don't recognise a lot of these names, and I still feel like the youngest one in the group, somehow xD

I've got loads of good memories on this site; ironically, the drama forms a lot of the best times, not because I just BATHE in dramallama fat, but simply because it's nice to look back at how things were, and how things are now. A lot of my friendships are stronger for having started out in a rocky way, I feel.


And aside from all the bizarre things, such as the Labour Party building a ruin with their manifesto written over it for an election, and the BBC somehow discovering this building despite it being made in the future, I dreamed of something interesting:

I reckon Sylveon will be a female-only Pokemon, and there will be a male-only Eeveelution. Called Ted Hughseon. Or something. =p

I haven't been able to download it, and probably won't get to play it until it comes out - I'm hoping these little factors will all be cleared up - more starters, a personality quiz, etc...

the Explorers series was absolutely amazing in terms of plot and how close you felt to your character, and I really hope they bring that back.

From screenshots, the graphics do look pretty tasty =3

Older Main Games / Re: Tim and Richard's HGSS Nuzlocke!
« on: March 12, 2013, 01:46 »
Danika's Diary

K so today has been the worst day SO FAR ;_____________________; (<- this is how upset I am right now)

So we got up really early in the morning and battled Morty - which was super easy because I found this TM called Shadow Claw which I taught Kio and Kio was all "Scratch attack BUT WITH SHADOWS LOL" and completely nobbed all over Morty's stupid ghost Pokemon (which kept trying to Hypnotise Kio TO MAKE HIM DO WHAT I DUNNO!?!?)

So that was awesome because we won like, really easily and Roxie evolved into this EVEN BIGGER ROCK. And then this cool guy gave me an HM which is like a TM but begins with H instead and it's got Surf in it, so I gave it to Roosevelt (the Slowpoke I caught ALL THE WAY BACK at Slowpoke Well) who I'd started training BECAUSE HE'S JUST SO CUTE =3

Anyway, we got to this place called Olivine which is by the sea and I tried out this Surf HM thing by sitting on Roosevelt and he pulled me into the sea - and we were like literally A STEP away from the beach and this MAHOOSIVE Tentacruel just BOOMS out the water and goes for my poor little Roosevelt!

So then Kio comes along and just smacks it around a bit and guess what? WE CAUGHT THE TENTACRUEL.

So I called her Ursula from the Little Mermaid, but I won't lie, I was REALLY scared about going in the sea and this guy that was there was all "but you have to go across the sea if you're collecting badges" and I'm like "SAKE"

So I thought I'd just go for a walk and train up my Pokemon - I had this feeling that Cleo the Unown Pokemon was going to evolve really soon (i could just feel it you know?) and so we went for this MASSIVE walk

And I found myself back in Goldenrod, and I found this little stream and I thought I'd try riding on Ursula's back AND SHE'S SO GOOD AT SWIMMING AND CARRYING ME and we were having like, the best time ever -

and then THEY showed up.

They were these three girls, all with water type Pokemon. I thought they might want to see my water Pokemon so I showed them Ursula and they said she was super ugly, so I challenged them to a battle.

And that's when it all went wrong. Their Seaking and Starmie ganged up on Oz, and my poor little Pideotto got hit by a critical hit from Swift and...

Yeah. I REALLY cried when I was surfing back to the Pokemon centre. I didn't know what to do so I phoned Adam (I don't even know why IT'S NOT BECAUSE I LIKE HIM LIKE THAT OMG) and he was like "omg Danika I totes wouldn't stand for that, you should totes go back and teach them a lesson" and I'm like "dude you're totes right, I WILL DO IT IN MEMORY OF OZ"

And so I turn up and their oldest sister was Really. Really. Strong.

She had a Cloyster. And I thought I would use Cleo's awesome grass attack - and Cloyster used this rainbow aurora beam thing and Cleo wouldn't get back up...and while I was trying to make Cleo wake up again, Roosevelt got REALLY angry and tried to attack it - but then he got hit too...

So then Kio completely lost it and runs up to the Cloyster and I'm like "DUDE NO GET BACK" and then he starts SHINING and evolves and

TEARS THE CLOYSTER IN HALF O)O <- my face when he did it

So...yeah. I'm sitting in Goldenrod, writing this now. Three Pokemon died today. Oz, Cleo and Roosevelt. I won't forgive myself - but at the same time, I can't help but feel SO FRICKIN ANGRY at Adam. If it wasn't for him, I would have only lost one partner today, not three...I bet HE doesn't know how it feels to watch your friends DIE.

That guy on the beach said that Chuck was like, super strong, so i'm going to train up loads and use him to get stronger. I won't let any more of my Pokemon die. ;-;

I've put some new Pokemon in my team that I caught previously. I hope I can make them strong before they have to fight any really hard battles :(

LV 30 Kio (Ursaring)
LV 28 Roxie (Graveler)
LV 24 Hilton (Ledian)
LV 26 Ursula (Tentacruel)
LV 16 Morty (Machop)
LV 10 Sheila (Spearow)

Those that have passed...
Eli the Hoothoot
Oz the Pidgeotto
Cleo the Unown
Roosevelt the Slowpoke

Forum Games / Re: How far in before the admins show up?
« on: March 06, 2013, 01:16 »
And like a demon dragging himself from the abyss...

I rise to cripple your score to 0.


Older Main Games / Re: Tim and Richard's HGSS Nuzlocke!
« on: March 04, 2013, 02:44 »
Heh, glad everyone's enjoying this. It's so much fun writing up Nuzlocke's - but the losses really hit you hard, because you really get a bond with the Pokemon you're training with ;_;


Danika's Diary

Charlotte the Weedle has tried really hard today and has really cheered me up after my SUPER AWFUL day yesterday when we lost Eli – Charlotte has evolved twice and is now a Beedrill! She’s still super weak though but I don’t care because I actually have my first Pokemon that’s evolved into it’s FINAL FORM. HOW GD AM I!?

I’ve been training up Cleo – she STILL hasn’t learnt any new moves, so I’m trying to level her up as much as possible – some guy told me his Magikarp wouldn’t learn any new moves until it evolved, so I’m gonna do the same for Cleo. She tries really hard though <3

So this morning I went and battled Whitney and beat her stupid Clefairy that kept on using Metronome to use all these weird attacks. Roxie was just like “NUP” and shut her down though which was amazing. Kio’s super weak at the moment, he’s just not doing much in battle. I think he’s upset at losing Eli too. :(

So yeah we totally beat Whitney (she’s a total cow GEDDIT SHE HAS A MILTANK WHICH IS A COW LOLZ) and then we went and found LOADS of new Pokemon:

I went up to this cool place called Ecruteak and didn’t go in ANY HOUSES because people ALWAYS try and battle you when you’re not expecting it – and since losing Eli, I’m trying to avoid difficult battles. So we went and captured lots of Pokemonz.

First we captured a Pidgeotto that tried to blow me away using Whirlwind, but I captured it instead and called it Oz because Dorothy had this Pokemon and I think it was called Pidgeotto .

And then I went to this cool place called Mt. Mortar and captured a Machop and I called it Morty because we were in Mt. Mortar.

And then Kio was having fun headbutting trees outside and I found a SPEAROW and captured it, and I called her Sheila because she doesn’t shut up, and my mum has this friend whose a lesbian called Sheila and she says “that woman doesn’t shut up” so I figured that made sense

And then I went into this burned down tower and the guy (IT WAS THE GYM LEADER I FOUND OUT LATER =O ) was all “this is Burned Tower” and I’m like LOL IMAGINATVE and I found a Koffing so I captured it and called it Betsy because Betsy is Sheila’s lesbian girlfriend and my mum says “everything that comes out that woman’s mouth is poison” because my mum actually hates her and I was like “omg Koffing has poison coming out of its mouth” so I called her betsy like my mum’s lesbian’s friend’s girlfriend.

AND THEN I caught a Magnemite in some grass and called it iMagnet because it’s a magnet with just one eye.

So we’re training loads and loads because I want to try and battle the Gym Leader. He told me to come back later when I was stronger and meet him at his gym WHICH I’M TOTALLY GONNA DO D<


LV 20 Kio (Teddiursa)
LV 24 Roxie (Geodude)
LV 21 Hilton (Ledyba)
LV 14 Cleo (UNOWN????)
LV 10 Charlotte (Beedrill)
LV 3 Ratter (Rattata)

Those who have passed...
Eli the Hoothoot

Older Main Games / Re: Tim and Richard's HGSS Nuzlocke!
« on: March 01, 2013, 23:37 »
Oh god poor Ninian ;_;

I'm's kinda the same for Danika >_<


Danika's Diary

So today has been like a really difficult day for me and for everyone. But I'll get to that bit in a bit because it's going to take me a little while to write everything. It's really hard to write when you're crying!

Right so we went into the forest and found a new Pokemon, a Weedle that I called Charlotte because I read this book about a spider and she had a web and was called Charlotte and Weedle might not be a spider but it is a bug which is like a spider I guess so I called her Charlotte.

So then we found this guy who was trying to catch some Farfetch'd which I did for him because he totally failed at it and I'm like "hun plz" and I just went up to it to catch it


And it totally flew away from me. So I tried again and snuck up proper quiet and I was literally right behind him until


so I'm like "OH MY GOOOOOOOD" and ran up to him and was WAY TOO QUICK FOR THEM and the guy gave me a Cut HM and I'm like "DUDE I'M NOT EMO" and he's like "dudette cut trees not wrists" so I taught it to Kio (because his name sounds like Emo JOKES) and he cut down this tree which was awesome.

Anyway we got to Goldenrod City after loads of trainer battles and this guy was like "wow your Hoothoot is amazing" and I'm like "bro I totally know" and he's like "that burd gonna evolve soon" and I'm like "NO WAY!"

I mean, since Hilton evolved into a Ledian, he's been amazing - and now Eli might evolve too!?!?  ((BTW HILTON EVOLVED IN THE FOREST ZOMG))

So I went into the Gym to look for Jericho but they were really strong in there and he wasn't there anyway, so I carried on and went up the road to the park because it was a nice day and I wanted to lay in some grass

And then it happened. This guy battled me and he had these really derp looking Pokemon called Magmarz and I was like "pht Eli can beat them AND THEN EVOLVE ZOMG"

So Eli uses Hypnosis. And misses. And then Magmarz uses Ember. And hits - like, really hard. REALLY hard. And Eli didn't get up.

And my face was literally =o

I'm thinking "if I had a timeturner I could go back and not battle this guy" but I DON'T have a timeturner, and Dumbledore's not here to tell me in his office that everything's gonna be okay. Because it's not okay. Eli's dead.

The guy was really sorry he'd killed my Pokemon and he's all "i don't know how this happened" and I'm like "YOU SET MY BURD ON FIRE MAYBE!?!?" and I just hit him and ran away with Eli in my arms.

So I'm sitting in the park and it's getting dark now and I don't really know what I'm doing. Some woman gave me a really funny look a minute ago which I don't blame her for because I'm just sitting here with a dead Hoothoot in my lap.

I think I'll sleep out here tonight.


LV 18 Kio (Teddiursa)
LV 21 Roxie (Geodude)
LV 20 Hilton (Ledyba)
LV 12 Cleo (UNOWN????)
LV 3 Ratter (Rattata)

Those who have passed...
Eli the Hoothoot

Older Main Games / Re: Tim and Richard's HGSS Nuzlocke!
« on: February 26, 2013, 12:36 »
haha, I'm glad! Danika is so much fun to write xD But incredibly annoying IRL, I should imagine.


Danika's Diary

So I'm at Azalea Pokemon centre now I HAVE TRAVELLED SOOOO FAR TODAY.

After we beat Falkner, we went for a walk and I found these awesome ruins and there were all these guys in white coats looking around with their notebooks and stuff SO. I went into one of the ruins when they weren't looking and there was this puzzle on the wall and it was all taped up like they didn't want anyone to solve it but them (my mum's like that with crosswords) so I'm like "LOL NOOB" so I put the puzzle back together


But it was cool because I fell on the cutest pokemon ever (not as cute as Kio okay but still proper cute) - it was like a little eye thing and all squiggly, so I captured it. The Pokedex doesn't know what it's called (it just says its unown) so I've called her Cleo.

So I found my way out of the ruins and ran away quick before the whitecoat men knew I'd completed their puzzle and went to this really pretty route. Well it would have been pretty if it wasn't for the GIANT TRAIN BRIDGE that ran right over the top

There were loads of trainers that I met and we all battled and were all having the most awesome of times ever and then I found this cave and I caught a Zubat and put her in the box and put Mason in the box as well (WHO NEEDS TWO GEODUDE LOL) and got out Cleo.

She's really cool, she's only got one attack at that moment, and she glows really bright and then goes BOOM and all the grass around her shoots ENERGY BEAMS OMG at whatever she's fighting. She's awesome.

So we got through the cave and to the other side and I saw a load of guys in black climbing out the well and they were all "woah that guy was really powerful" and "I've never seen a Rattata like that" and I was like "omg it's Joey!" (who has the top percentage of Rattata he was telling me yesterday) and I went to go and meet him.

I got to the well and was about to go in, but someone was coming out of the top - guess who it was? (It wasn't Joey)


It was Adam.

So I was like, super embarrassed that I'd made a mistake so I hid and watched him go to the Pokemon centre and so I didn't embarrass myself MORE I just went into the Pokemon Gym and had some fun riding on the Spinarak things

And then I had a battle with Bugsy and I was like "HAH NO SAND ATTACK" because he only had Harden, so I just had Roxie use Rock Throw over and over and she COMPLETELY destroyed his stupid bug pokemon.

So then I go out the Pokemon Centre and who should I see?


Jokes it wasn't Draco, but it was someone EVEN WORSE =OOO

It was that Jericho guy who killed Totodile. So I'm like "if I beat him in a Pokemon battle and maybe knock him unconcious or something (ROCK THROW LOLZ) then I can take him to the police and I won't NEED to be champion!)

So I go up to him and he tries to run away from me, but we had this amazing battle and I thought he was going to kill MORE of my Pokemon, but thanks to Hilton's Reflect and Light Screen, his attacks didn't really do all that much damage.

But then when I beat him, he ran away into the forest. I'm going to chase after him just as soon as I've finished resting becuase I've been walking so much today and I'm like really tired x_x

LV 14 Kio (Teddiursa)
LV 14 Eli (Hoothoot)
LV 18 Roxie (Geodude)
LV 15 Hilton (Ledyba)
LV 10 Cleo (UNOWN????)
LV 3 Ratter (Rattata)

Older Main Games / Re: Tim and Richard's HGSS Nuzlocke!
« on: February 24, 2013, 20:03 »
Haha, cheers very much guys! This Nuzlocke hasn't been TOO hard yet...I have had one loss though. You'll see in the update after this. x_x;


Danika's Diary

So I had the most super busy day I’ve ever had in SUCH a long time.

Right, so I went to this place called Sprout Tower which is like a huge tower and it sways a lot so it’s like a Bellsprout so I guess that’s why it’s called that and there were LOADS of trainers in there, with all these Bellsprouts (which I think is really coincidental personally.)

Eli was amazing. He was all PECK and they were all *omg faint x_x* and THEN we were at the top, and I was there to see ADAM – and he like, totally destroyed the head sage – three guesses what the sage was using?


So then he’s all dude and jumps out the window and I’m like “pht I can do that” so I went to follow him and the sage was all “battle me for flash?” and I’m like “woah pervert” but it turns out he was actually giving me a Technical Machine, which I got after WE TOTALLY BEAT HIM.

Anyway, there were these two guys who were training up there and they were like “woah dude I totally saw the champion the other day” and the other one was all “no way you mean RED?!” and he’s like “no dude that other guy, but he’s got red hair but he’s not CALLED Red” and I’m like WHO ARE THEY TALKING ABOUT

So then I was going back down the tower (I was too scared to use the rope that Adam used) and I was like “I bet the champion can do whatever he likes” and I thought “actually, even if the champion had let two Totodile die, he wouldn’t even need to run away from the police because he’s the champion”


I should be the Champion.

So I’m like “omg I’m going to that Gym and I’m going to get a badge RITE NAO.”

So I did JUST THAT and went down to this gym that’s there and beat the trainers – well, I didn’t personally, Roxie did, with her AWESOME Rock Throw (which she only just learned =3333)

And then I had to fight FALKNER HIMSELF!! *drums*

I thought it was gonna be super easy, because I’d like, beaten all the Pidgey before using Rock Throw, and then he’s all go “GO PIDGEY” and I’m all “LOL ROCK THROW”

But OMG SAND ATTACK ADFJHSREKJSRFKJTH – Roxie kept on missing and my face was literally ;_;

So then I just kept on using Rock Attack and he kept on using Sand Attack but it didn’t even matter because eventually I hit and killed him and I’m like “OMG YAY BADGE” and then he’s all “NUH-UH GO PIDGEOTTO” and I’m like x_x

So I’m like “GDI HERE WE GO MISSING AGAIN” and I used Rock Throw AND IT HIT! And I won.

So I’m like a whole one eighth of a way to being the champion. How. Cool.

LV 12 Kio (Teddiursa)
LV 12 Eli (Hoothoot)
LV 14 Roxie (Geodude)
LV 8 Hilton (Ledyba)
LV 2 Mason (Geodude)
LV 3 Ratter (Rattata)

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