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New Sun/Moon Trailer (2nd June)

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A new trailer just went up, showing off the full region design, the new Pokédex, the professor and his assistant, what will probably be your rival, and the 2 box legendaries.

Games are looking pretty cool, I especially like the Pokédex design. Spoiler: showby which I mean I really like that there's a Rotom in your Pokédex.

The Hooded Trainer:
Wait, so solgaleo is psychic/steel? I don't think anyone could have seen that coming. Lunala's typing is a lot more understandable, and it's pretty much confirmed that i'll be getting moon. Also that pokedex is amazing and i want one right now.

On the other hand, gah, too much water, 0/10.

Edit: i'm also slightly disappointed that they're continuing the trend of 'rival who's also your best friend and is actually a really nice guy'. I was kind of hoping they'd go back to the rival being a total jerk.

Ghost legendary! Ghost legendary! Ghost legendary!

I'm getting really excited for these new games!
Though, yeah, that's a lot of water... Oh well, ghost legendary!

The name master:
I thought the first legendary was cool.... But then THE SECOND LEGENDARY! I'd love to have that!

I hate to rain on gen 7's parade, but I have some issues with the legends. Honestly there's a lot of things I really don't like about the legends. Lunala's typing is passable and I can easily see it, but I would've vastly preferred Dark/Fairy, but that's just me. We needed another ghost legend, I get it, it's cool. Here's what I really feel did it for me:

-Solgaleo's typing. This was the big thing for me. Psychic/Steel. I mean come on. I could see one of those typing, but this thing screamed fire type the same way regular charizard screams dragon. And you give it the two possible secondary typings but don't give it one it honestly should've gotten. Sure it's cool typing, but we already have good mons with that typing (hello metagross). Send hate my way for this, but I really disliked this.

-Their species names. The Moone and Sunne pokemon. Need I say more?

-The abilities. Lunala's ability is basically multiscale, which is great, but it gets hit by every entry hazard, meaning if hazards are up the ability is useless (plus bisharp beats its face in every chance it gets but that's another rant, don't worry Lunala, Hoopa knows your pain). Solgaleo gets an ability that sounds cool, but is basically clear body. Sure, Clear Body is a great ability, but if you're going to give it that, why try to fancy up the name, even if it is a version's legend.

-The move names. The moves themselves i'm perfectly fine with, but the names. Dear lord. Sunsteel Strike and Moongeist Beam. I burst out laughing every time I read them. The japanese names, however (meteor drive and shadow ray) sound a lot cooler, especially in Solgaleo's case.

So call it me nitpicking or whatever, but I was disappointed about a bunch of the things about the legends. Don't get me wrong, I don't hate them (designwise they're top notch), but on some of the things (like and especially the move names), they were really awful. Overall they're cool, but yeah, you get my point.

Oh, and rotom pokedex was the best thing I saw all day. If Game Freak makes the pokedex entries Rotom's snarky comments, that would make up for a lot of the things I hate about the legends and then some. Please make this happen.

Edit: Something i'd like to see in a later gen: Your best friend and rival also is the evil leader's son/daughter, betrays you but ends up foiling everything in the end. That would be pretty cool imo.


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