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here! We get to see more pokemon such as an angry pinata

the same pinata, opened

here's the art for it

It seems to be Electric/Fairy?

and a new friend, s q u a r e b u g, definitely bug/electric

it evolves into something shaped less like a friend

nintendo what the hell is this

???????? normal dragon or maybe steel dragon i believe

but wait there's more

beautiful water/psychic fish

the mosquito you've been waiting for (are u kidding me this is rly cute) and it's bug fairy

O R B M O U S E. him round. electric normal i think

zygardes crazy new forme makes a show

and that's it for our new shiny pokemon. discuss which ones are the best and which ones the freaking fISH suck

Yes, because a battery with mandibles is shaped like a friend xD. Guess friends do come in different shapes.

The mosquito, angry pinata and orbmouse look awesome though.

i like the mosquito, dragon, and the scary bug

i don't like the fish but im hoping its the first form of something more awesome which is ok with me

Omg Drampa I am in love. It's ridiculous.

sans the skeleton:
i absolutely despise the squarebug's evolution but the angry pinata/tiki doll is cute. i love the mosquito too. also the dragon is normal/dragon confirmed and people think it may have a tie to dunsparence. idk if thatll be true though, im just not a fan. might give me reason to actually use dunsparence this time though?


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