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Another SuMo trailer released today on the Japanese Pokémon Youtube - and what the hell

here it is

Instead of a mega bracelet (or perhaps with a mega bracelet) we get a Z bracelet which gives Pokémon a Z move. No idea what that is at the minute.

Also new pokémon, and pokémon that directly fight your trainer
Mongoose pokémon evolution
Preying mantis with clown pants

A gaggle of new seemingly important NPCs

More new Pokémon
a different bird, cheerleading
this one is doing the hula
fan dancing!
they're all the same pokémon is what i'm making out here (different formes much like sawsbuck?)

this looks like a mine
different COLOURS!!!!!!

god this poor thing looks like Trump

bruh (this may evolve into pants wearing mantis child)
those are some clown pants


And the moment we've been waiting for - NEW TYPES FOR OLD POKÉMON!!!

You heard my right - new types for old Pokémon

exeggcutor went on a diet


ICE VULPIX!!!!!! AAAAAAAAA AND NINETALES!!!!!!!! (ice/fairy!)

snowy sandshrew!!!!!!!! pointy ass evolution (also maybe steel? who know)


Please make Alolan Makuhita and Hariyama too plz plz PLEASE Game Freak

Seriously though, cool reveals overall. Not much else to add atm.

Lemme just say the only thing I really have an opinion on is Winter Vulpix. I would hug it and pet it and love it and never let it go if I had one irl. I want it so bad.

here's the trailer in english for all your english needs

The Hooded Trainer:
Ice ninetales is my favourite thing ever and i want one right now. Other than that, im genuinely impressed with how much they seem to be shaking things up. Its like theyre actually putting real thought into the game.

Also kind of wondering if mega evolution will even be a thing now. Ive seen people debating it before and i didnt think much of it, but now that theres a new mechanic that requires a weird bracelet, plus a new kind of special form, it does raise some questions.


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