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178. Honestly, I don't think I've used a masterball since Platinum...

172. Eh, I usually try to pace myself when I first get a game, so it normally takes me about a week to beat the E4.

166. Yeah, I probably could have guessed that...

160. Okay, that makes sense.

154. Man, I don't think I've played even nearly that long. Pretty sure I'm at 200 hours or something.

145. You're pretty much right, actually... I think most of my time on XY now is spent training in the cafes. I think the least a game should offer is the ability to have rematches with the gym leaders.

139. Yeah, hopefully. XY's postgame was admittedly very disappointing.

133. Yeah, that'd be pretty nice, but it'd probably take a lot of effort to transfer another region into the new graphics. Still, it'd be totally worth it to make every pokemon fan over the age of 15 very, very happy.

127. Ooo, diving will look amazing. And Sootopolis, and Foretree, and freaking everything will be awesome!

121. Eh, I guess, but I thought fighting against a literal God was actually really cool. Anyway, I agree, as stupid as Team Magma/Aqua were, Hoenn is still better than Sinnoh. But Sinnoh is pretty close.

115. Okay, he was a hypocrite. At least he wasn't an idiot who didn't realise that getting rid of all the water might not be a great long-term plan.

109. I think it was generally assumed that TG wanted to destroy the world because either they agreed with Cyrus or because they were frightened of him. I might be wrong, but didn't Cyrus say that they would be saved? And as for Cyrus, he wanted to destroy the world and replace it with a new one without emotion, because he believed emotion to be a human flaw. I'll admit as evil plans go it isn't exactly brilliant, but it's better than "Hey, let's get rid of all the water. Why? Because reasons."

And if you want to talk about a team with no motive, then Team Flare definitely comes first. There motive was money, but their leaders motive was "KILL ALL THE WEAKLINGS!!!" Seriously, why did they follow him again? They barely seemed aware of his plan.

100. Eh, why don't we start counting in 3s?

And Dick, I have to fully disagree with you here. Platinum was one of my favourite games, and it probably would be my favourite if I didn't have so much nostalgia for Sapphire. I loved Team Galactic, I loved Cyrus, I loved Looker, I loved (almost) all of the pokemon. I loved everything.

97. Yeah, I loved Gen IV. And despite some of the new mons, I loved Gen V too.

95. I don't know Dick, maybe it's to do with the fact that Garbodor evolves from a bin bag with googly eyes. If it had evolved from anything else I might have been a bit more forgiving.

And yeah, Lickilicky is terrible. Gen IV was okay, but their were faaaaaaar too many new evolutions of previous pokemon. Do I even need to mention Probopass?

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