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Occasionally I recolor some sprites and I thought I would post them here since it's a topic. These aren't all of the ones I made but they're the ones I'm the most proud off. If they look off it's because I use my own strategy and usually do it on a mobile device when I have nothing else to do so I can't use MS paint or something. If you'd like, I can take requests. Sorry about the backgrounds, I can't get rid of them.

Images correspond with the text under them, not over.

Leafeon with fall colors

Kirlia with the colors of Pearl from Steven Universe

Blue Jolteon

Blue Espeon

Serperior with my favorite color scheme

Liepard with nature colors

Purple Houndoom

Purple Mega Absol with a slight gradient

Milotic with warm colors

Space Flareon(My personal favorite), and last but not least,

Ninetales but with the colors of GLaDOS from Portal and Portal 2

Sorry for the long post. Any feedback or advice?

The name master:
These look cool. Could I get a black Sandshrew?

EDIT: There is a spoiler thingy that hides parts of your post and clicking "show" will show the hidden part. Just highlight what you want to hide and click on the button above the text box that has "sp" in it.

Sure! I'll get started on it right away!

Also, it's fine, I found a thing. Thanks, though!

EDIT: Here's your request! I didn't know what to do with the eyes, I just made them a bit lighter to contrast. I didn't change the light parts.
It does blend in with the background, if you want I can put it on a white background.

The name master:
I can see it fine! It looks awesome! I'm going to be writing a story soon that will probably have a robot Sandshrew in it as an antagonist. And I imagine it being black! It looks awesome!

Ah, thank you! If you would like, I could attempt to make it more robotic? I probably would have added a little shine or something if I knew that. Also if there's a specific eye color you'd like, I could do that too!


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