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Title: [Ad][Fu][P]Dark Days and Bright Nights[J]
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That was the best name I could think of... Anyway, so, after some discussion, I decided to go ahead with this. This may not be the best time to start, it being christmas eve and all, but I may as well post it now.

Quick warning, there will be violence in this, so if you're not okay with that you may want to skip this one. There shouldn't be too many long, bloody fights, if any at all, but expect death, probably not to our characters, but expect it to happen. (basically, I don't actually know how much violence there will be, but expect at least some)

It had been about ten years since Kanto was taken over. An entire generation was growing up who had never even heard of pokemon trainers. Talking about pokemon training, pokemon battles, and anything related to the ownership of pokemon was illegal. Even simply mentioning pokemon was risky. The gym leaders and even the elite four and the champion were nothing more than figureheads, no longer possessing any sort of power. The new government, formerly an evil organization, seemingly no different from any of the other evil organizations throughout the world, ruled with an iron fist.

They didn’t seem so bad at first, in fact they were once welcomed into Kanto. Cinnabar Island was home to a volcano, which was known to be active, but thought to be safe enough to build a city on. That is, until the day the inevitable happened. Most were able to make it out okay, but there were casualties, the leader of the Cinnabar Gym being one of them. Cities all around Kanto did everything they could to help, taking refugees in until new houses could be built. However, some ‘Good Samaritans” from another nation swooped in to help. They built a rather large refugee camp in Pewter, supposedly off of donations from their home nation. But once everything was starting to settle down, they didn’t leave. Instead, they become the new police force of Pewter. More and more frequently, disasters started occurring, with Kanto’s ‘friends’ always there to save the day. They became more of a presence throughout Kanto, saving cities from disasters and then buying the cities out. Soon, they were all throughout Kanto. They used their new influence to establish new laws; they declared pokemon too dangerous for citizens to have and banned training, legally taking pokemon away from their trainers. Soon, they had full control of the nation.

Now with two nations under their control, Kanto and Sinnoh, Team Galactic had gotten farther than any similar organization had before.

You are old enough to remember the times before this happened, and you want those times back. You, and a group of others with the same goal, plan to take them down. You’re not sure how to go about doing that, but you’re sure you’ll all come up with something.

(One more thing about the characters, each will have a tamed pokemon with them. They can be anything but you should probably keep it small and easy to hide. The pokemon can be one you managed to hold on to, even without its pokeball, one you released and somehow found again, one you only tamed recently, or whatever else you can come up with.)

Code: [Select]


[u][b]Pokemon: [/b][/u]

[b]Starting level:[/b]
[b]Current move set:[/b]
[b]Other Details:[/b](optional)

[b]Starter Post:[/b]

Just a note about age, it should be around 18-25.
Also, while you can only start with one pokemon, you can get more later.
Other details about your pokemon can be anything, personality, habits, the reason behind its name, any unusual features, anything you think is important. It can be in paragraph format, or point format, whichever you prefer.

Accepted Characters

Anise Black - Dusk(Gastly)  (dragoncat)
Tyler Betancourt - Seymour(Scraggy)  (A Wild Scrafty Appeared)
Mark Hatten - Diesel(Furret) (Kpyna)
Kitsami Sarobin - Kenji(Lucario) (Kitt)
Elle Vargas - Raze(Charmeleon) (DisterbedHaxorus)
Anya Aonair - Saphira(Gabite) (Dorchadas)
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Name: Anise Black
Age: 18
Gender: Female
She is about average height, has dark brown (could easily be mistaken for black), shoulder length hair, which she sometimes ties back. She has dark brown eyes. Her wardrobe consists of two dull coloured tee-shirts, a pair of jeans, a pair of shorts, and a pair of sneakers. She keeps whatever she isn’t wearing in a backpack that she keeps whatever supplies she thinks they’ll need in, usually hastily thrown in, making it quite disorganized.

She has a cheerful nature, though that has toned down significantly since the takeover, but it still manages to show through with her optimism. She feels a strong connection with Ghost types, because of how much time she spent with them. Lavender Town was a small town that wasn’t home to many families, so there weren’t many other children there, and those that were there were not close to her age, so she grew up a pretty solitary person. She doesn’t really like having too many people around, and she’s a little awkward, but when she is comfortable she is pretty easy going. When she or her friends are in danger she is quick to act, but easy to intimidate, so she often backs down, depending on the situation.

When she was younger, she spent a lot of time in Pokemon Tower. Her parents hadn’t explained ‘death’ to her yet, so she didn’t know why it was such a big deal. She only wanted to meet pokemon, and the tower was the only place she could do that, since her parents didn’t allow her out of the town because she was too young. She was friends with all the pokemon in the tower, especially with a Gastly and a Cubone, who she called her best friends.
When Team Galactic bought the tower, they quickly captured almost all of the pokemon who lived in it, including the Cubone, but the Gastly managed to escape. Thankfully, Ghost types are easier to hide than most other types, so keeping it a secret wasn’t hard. She and her Gastly had stayed together ever since.
She is determined to find a way to free all of the tower’s pokemon and find Cubone (though by now it’s likely either a Marowak or dead), and hopefully, find a way to end Galactic’s reign of terror.


Nickname: Dusk
Species: Gastly
Gender: Female
Starting level: 23
Current move set: Lick, Mean Look, Night Shade, Confuse Ray
Other Details:
-Her name is Dusk because the only other nickname Anise could think of was ‘Smokey’ and that was too obvious
- She is pretty playful, especially now that she is finally allowed to be seen by people other than Anise, and she often likes to pull small pranks on the other people and pokemon in the group.
- She hates the wind and will avoid any amount of it whenever possible.

Starter Post:

Anise poked at the dying embers of a small fire she had made inside of Diglett’s Tunnel, near the Vermilion entrance, the meeting place she and the others decided on. It seemed the most accessible place to meet, since many towns and cities were close to one of the entrances, with most close to this one, and anyone closer to the Pewter entrance could simply make their way through the tunnel.

She was the first there; she poorly predicted how long it would take to get from Lavender Town to here, so she left too early. She sighed as she continued poking the embers with a stick. The stick caught fire and she threw it on top of the embers, and then grabbed the last few pieces of wood she had gathered and placed them in the renewed flame, bringing the fire back to its initial size. She was a little worried about GPF (Galactic Police Force) noticing her little camp fire, which would cause all sorts of problems, but she was situated safely in an alcove, deep enough into the tunnel to keep her completely hidden from anyone outside, and there was a light wind blowing into the tunnel, taking the smoke with it. She was more worried about the fact that she had no more firewood and the sun hadn’t set yet.
“Dusk,” she spoke to the Gastly who was hovering a few feet away from her, farther into their hiding place to protect herself from the wind, “could you go collect some more firewood?”

Dusk gave her a look to say that Anise must be crazy if she thinks she is going out into the wind. “Oh, come on, there isn’t even that much wind,” she scoffed. Dusk simply glared at her in protest. The ‘conversation’ quickly became a staring contest between the two, until Dusk gave up and left to fulfill her request. “Thank you,” Anise responded, sounding rather satisfied with herself. She still sort of wondered how the Gastly could pick things even though she was mostly just gas, but apparently it worked.

She hoped one of her friends would show up tonight, but she couldn’t be sure. Most, if not all of them lived in different towns and cities, so it would take some of them a few days to get here if they traveled by foot. She just hoped most of them would arrive around the same time, so they wouldn’t have to try to hide too many people and pokemon in the small alcove she hid in. At least she wouldn’t have to worry about Dusk, who knew to hide herself as soon as she heard someone coming.

Edit: I forgot to add my starter post, which had some important information... Mainly where everyone is meeting... Sorry about that.
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Name: Tyler Betancourt
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Appearance: Rather tall and lanky, standing at a height of 6'5". Although thin, his height and deep tone to his voice give him the strange ability to appear as if he towers over anyone else, in height and authority. His hair is pitch black, pretty much invisible if the background were to be a night sky. The hair is pretty much just spikes going all over the damned place, looking like a hedgehog in a wind tunnel. His eyes that appeared to stay dull and perhaps lifeless even in harsh sunlight were a dark tone of green. He wore a waistcoat low enough to reach down to his knees, dark grey trousers and a pair of glasses doubling as video cameras.
Personality: The new world he has to endure each day has taken its toll. He's usually about as happy as a turkey at Christmastime, remaining serious yet mature in most situations. It takes far too long for someone to gain his trust, due to his trust being broken so many times in the past. He usually demands authority, and believes whatever he says goes. He will gladly fight for what he believes in. He's not afraid to say what's on his mind, no matter what crap it could put him in.
History: Seemingly immediately after birth, he was abandoned by his parents. Perhaps they were lost in one of the disasters. Frankly, he didn't know and didn't care. He never knew them, so to him it wasn't a huge loss. He was raised in Pewter City by a Kangashkan, who was later killed by a mugger driven crazy by desperation after the Cinnabar Island volcanic eruption left him homeless, penniless and friendless. After that, he was forced to look after himself, and over time became more sour than before.



Nickname: Seymour
Species: Scraggy
Gender: Male
Starting level: 38
Current move set: Bulk Up, Ice Punch, High Jump Kick, Crunch
Other Details:(optional) Along with the focus band around his neck, his wrist contains a Life Orb embedded into a ring, mainly for convenience. Also, it looks better than holding it normally.

A Pokemon with a Hardy nature, he's capable of taking a few punches and will retaliate with brute force. He's quote proud of the power he has, but just the sight of a Bug Type causes him to jump in the arms of the nearest thing that breathes. Even a Joltik. His fear of bugs is just silly when you consider everything else.

Starter Post

I remember everything.

Back then, life was good. Pewter City, life of luxury if ya ask me. Pokemon were friends. The Kangashkan I knew was one that actually saved my life. I wasn't the most fortunate of kids,but that Motherly Kangaroo helped me more than words can describe.

I really wish I could repay her.

I can't.

She's gone.

And so is everything else I want to live for.

Compare today with when I was young, this place is hell on earth. After that Kangashkan got killed, that's when everything went downhill, including any trace of happiness. I've tried remaining strong though. Hell, it ain't easy. Today's world has been ruined by every stupid evil corporation you can name. Why? Hell if I know.

They just want to see people suffer. And I want to do the same to them.

I'm not a fan of working with others, I'm more of an individual if you disregard Seymour. But I'll make an exception.

I'm done having to endure this hellhole of a wasteland day after day.

I want my old life back. And I'd kill for it. To be fair, I probably will.
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Save me a spot if you would
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Alright, looks good! Though, didn't realize I left out my starter post, so, while your starter is fine, if you want add to it now, you can. Either way, it's accepted.

Save me a spot if you would

Alright, no problem
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Oh, it may be too late to mention this now, but, to the person who asked me to reserve a spot for them but appears to have deleted that post, I'm sorry, I didn't respond because I thought it was a given that I would save a spot for you and I'm not the type to say anything unless necessary. Posting in general gives me anxiety, but posting something I think is obvious or not necessary makes it much worse. I wasn't trying to ignore you, I just thought that my telling Blaze I would save a spot for him would make it clear that I would save a spot for anyone who asked. I shouldn't think that way, but it's the way my mind works and I haven't been able to change that. I'm really sorry.
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Name: Mark Hatten
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Appearance: His hair is short and bright red, and form circular curves that cling closely to his head. His skin is very fair, and he has freckles on his cheeks, and some more scattered around the rest of his body. His eyes are the kind of icy blue that immediately snag attention to the rest his face, and staring into them uncomfortable and difficult. Mark is a bit more heavy set than usual, maintaining a slightly husky build with only a little bit of muscle to back it up. For clothes, Mark wears a dark blue cotton shirt, with a few dashes of brighter color died onto the cotton. For overwear, he has a light brown sturdy outdoorsman jacket. He wears tan courdoroy pants, and completes his outfit with a pair of white and blue shoes.
Personality: Mark was very into the outdoors when he was younger, but ever since Team Galatic starting taking away pokemon from their trainers, he stays inside of his home more to be with Diesel. Him and Diesel are incredibly tightly bonded, and Mark also can't trust Diesel alone in the house for more than an hour. Interests aside, he is fairly easily annoyed and quick to jump to conclusions in the face of a crisis. In an emotional crisis situation, Mark is the person who is about to fly off the handle. Normally, however, he's rather collected, but often finds himself at a loss of words to say at certain comments. He has a good sense of humor and is generally straightforward.
History: At the age of six, Mark's grandfather died of heart complications. In the wake of his death, Mark wound up getting a hefty inheritance and his grandfather's Furret. At the time, the ferret, Diesel, would probably be assessed at being level 15, as he was only a few years old. Mark didn't like to treat his furret as a fighter, though. He scarcely battled Diesel, and more kept him as a companion. As far as family history, his parents split when he was 13, and they had a less than harmonious relationship while he was growing up, so he spent a lot of his time with Diesel. As soon as he turned 18 he chose to work for Kanto aiding with the disaster relief efforts, which is where he first started to hear theories among his coworkers about Team Galatic. With his insider information, he chose to keep the possession of Diesel on the down low so his childhood pet wouldn't be taken away.


Nickname: Diesel
Species: Furret
Gender: Male
Starting level: 32
Current move set: Slam / Reversal / Double Team / Flamethrower
Other Details: Timid, but incredibly mischievous when he is in practice. Very loyal to Mark, but loves to pester and annoy him. Above all though, he loves the shiny stuff. If your pack seems like it's so heavy that you suspect it must be full of rocks, its because Diesel probably stashed some shiny rocks among your clothes.

Starter Post:

 Mark lifted his heavy backpack off of his aching shoulders, and began to gently remove it. He placed it softly on the ground in the woods, and sat on a nearby toppled tree. He opened the belts at the top of his bag, and like a jack-in-the-box, a furret leaped out of the prison. It landed squarely on its feet, and began to stretch and prance around in an attempt to stretch its legs. "Yeah Diesel, 3 hours in that backpack must have been terrible. Thanks for keeping quiet," Mark said, followed by a small smile at his companion. The furret chirped happily, and ran about ten feet away from Mark. Mark looked at Diesel curiously, as the furret stared oddly back at him with his black eyes. Mark shook his head, and reached his hand into his pack.

 Mark began to panic as he touched his lunchbox, and noticed that it was already open. He looked up at Diesel, who was staring back inquisitively. Mark's happy expression was wiped off of his face as he felt around in the lunchbox, his eyes locked on the furret the whole time. Empty. Mark clamped his teeth together. This wasn't the first time Diesel had helped himself to his brunch.

 "Diesel, you're gonna have to get back in the bag, now I need to get take out. You can't just expect a man to go 18 hours straight with no food. I told you! The only reason I didn't feed you before we left was because I know you get motion sickness. I hope you hurl," Mark yelled at the furret, who was still staring blankly at him. There was a pause of silence where Mark looked expectantly at his partner. After a few moments, however, Diesel came silently bouncing forward, and nestled itself on top of the tousled clothes in Mark's knapsack. Mark shook his head as he looked down and noticed Diesel curled up in the nest he had made out of Mark's clothes. He sealed the bag at the top, but leaving the top portion of his backpack so Diesel could get a little bit of nap. That jerk doesn't deserve even a wink of sleep.
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Name:Melanie Cerova (Mel to her friends)
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Appearance: Mel is about 5 foot 6 inches tall. She's mostly long and lanky, although she often slouches, partially hiding this fact.


Species: Porygon
Gender: N/A
Starting level:
Current move set:
Other Details:(optional)

Starter Post:

Will finish on my phone. Mrrgrrgrr.
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I will like to reserve a spot if it isn't too late. I will have the form done by today. I need a computer to work on drawing my trainer.
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Ah, I had thought everyone had forgotten about this. I was planning on making a post here soon to ask if anyone was still interested in this. Of course I'll save you guys a spot.
Actually, if the others who applied could tell me if they're still interested, that would be great, since it has been a while ^^;

Anyway, if everyone's still interested, I think we'll start by the end of the week, if everyone has their forms done. After that, if anyone wants to join, pm me and I'll try to find a way to work you in.
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I'm gonna post a bio in a couple hours. ^_^
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Name: Kitsami Sarobin
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Kitt seems quiet when you first meet him, but he quickly opens up to you if he sees you as his friend. Always alert, he is ready for action at a moment's notice. He will not hesitate if his friends need him and he always helps out whenever he can.
Kitsami was formally a grunt in Team Galatic while they were stationed in the Sinnoh. However, when he learned of Cyrus's plan to chain the Lake Trio, he quietly slipped away. While he made his escape, he managed to free a Riolu who was imprisoned in the Veilstone Headquarters. He then boarded a ship that took him to Vermillion City where he and his Riolu went on to defeat the 8 Kanto gym leaders and his Riolu evolved into a Lucario. When Team Galatic conquered Kanto, Kitt decided it was best if he escaped to Island One of the Sevii Islands, hoping it was out of Galatic's control. That was a month ago though and now Galatic has taken over the Sevii Islands as well. Rather than running away, Kitt has decided to fight back. He only hopes that it isn't too late. He is onboard the Sea Gallop now, en route to Cinnabar Island with his Lucario at his side.


Nickname: Kenji
Species: Lucario
Gender: Male
Starting level: 52
Current move set:
-Aura Sphere
-Bone Rush
-Force Palm
-Circle Throw

Other Details:: Kitt trained Kenji to use telepathy and has him to wear a cloak to hide from Galatic when not in combat. This is the cloak: (

Starter Post:

The wind rushed past Kitt's ears as he waited on the ferry to reach Cinnibar. He was standing on the front of the ship, one foot on the railing. He spent the last month training for this moment. The time for running is over. Team Galatic has overstepped their boundaries conquering the Kanto region. He had hoped that they stayed in the Sinnoh where they belonged. Yet, alas, his past caught up with him as it always did.

Are you nervous? Kitt turned to see a cloaked figure standing behind him. It was his Lucario in disguise. Team Galatic passed laws saying if a human is caught with a Pokemon the consequences were severe. Hence, Kitt made certain that nobody will notice Lucario by giving him a human-like name Kenji and training him to use Telepathy.

"A little. We have been running from Team Galatic for some time." Kitt replied in a calming voice. "I believe you are ready though. We have been through a lot as partners and I promise I won't let any harm come to you."

Kenji nodded. Right. The Lucario moved forward, careful not to let any of his features show. We have been through a lot together, haven't we? We escaped those cruel men who were trying to experiment on me. If I ever see those scientists again....I will show them how my Aura operates. With a nice Aura Sphere. Kitt chuckled.

"Well, we most likely will be. Who knows...there might even be other people who are sick of Team Galatic like we are. I suppose we can use as much help as we can get from anyone."

Yet, you know fully well I don't trust other humans.
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Looks good overall, but 52 may be too high a starting level. It makes sense for the character, but put in practice could cause problems. Maybe you could put some sort of limiting factor on it but keep the level the same? Like, since he said he didn't trust other humans, maybe he could be reluctant to fight with the rest of the group? That way it won't just blast through any obstacle. At least until the rest of the group starts to catch up, level-wise. You don't have to, I can try to find other ways to keep it from being too overpowered.

In retrospect, I probably should have specified a range of what levels would be allowed...
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Name: Elle Vargas

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Appearance: 5'5, lean build. Often assumed to be harmless because of this, but can beat the absolute hell out of someone if threatened. Incredibly pale,  has naturally straight waist-length Scarlet hair and bright blue eyes. Wears tight, faded jeans with several cuts in the right thigh, dark gray T-shirt and sneakers, and dons a black hooded sweatshirt in cold weather or "night ops". She keeps a five-inch knife strapped to her leg under her pants, a lockpicking set in one of her shoes,  and a broken mega ring on a  silver chain around her neck.

Personality: Resourceful and quick-witted. She's sometimes mistaken to be cold and distant, but this has always been when she was occupied with studying and tracking a target. When not on the job, Elle is wily and amiable, at least on the outside. Beneath the surface, though, her mind just never stops analyzing people, trying to discern how best to take their belongings or win them over as an ally. Her outwardly easygoing nature has made her quite a few friends and contacts in the dark underbelly of Celadon and its neighboring Saffron. In social situations, she is constantly joking with, and teasing, people. She operates well under pressure, moving quickly if put in a tight spot but still keeping her head and putting it to work finding a way to get out unscathed... and making sure any adversaries don't leave that way.

History: Elle grew up in the streets of Celadon's bad side, fleeing from a group home when she was small. She made her way as a pickpocket forn the first few years, then graduated to b&e. At the age of six, she discovered the abandoned basement of the game Corner while looking for a place to stay. After a short time wandering around, she came across a tiny yellow lizard locked in a cage, left behind after the Rockets cleared out. The oddly colored charmander became her constant companion, helping in her less-than-legal activities and occasionally taking a few battles for food-and-clothes money. Hers and her Pokemon's life were affected little when Galactic took over; the pair simply retreated underground for a while. As far as anyone can tell, she only joined in the rebellion for the fun of taking down a major crime organization.


Nickname: Raze
Species: Charmeleon (Sh)
Gender: Female
Starting level: 34
Current move set: Flame burst, fire fang, dragon pulse, shadow claw (TM received as payment for winng dissident battle tournament)
Other Details: Raze is absolutely ruthless in battle. Any opportunity to KO her opponent, no matter how cruel or unfair, is taken without hesitation. Outside of combat, she shares her trainer's wily nature, and loves to send small bursts of fire at people or Pokemon. She evolved just recently, after wiping out a flock of wild spearow during the pair's move to the Digglett tunnel.

Starter Post: The frigid night wind put a chill through the pair crouched at the edge of the woods. The figure on the right raised its hood, wisps of crimson hair flying around the edges of the cloth. The other simply raised its internal temperature, smoke rising from its nostrils as a flare at the end of the being's electric-yellow tail glowed for a moment before returning to a small jet of flame.
"I hate when you do that, you know... You'll give away our position."
The human reached out and grabbed the horn protruding from her companion's head and gave it a playful shake. A hissing rumble sounded from the creature's throat, and its tail thumped against the girl's back. She chuckled. "Whatever, Raze. Just wait a little longer. Five minutes, and I'll have you full of the best stuff this puny town has to offer."
Elle turned back to take in the city, almost sneering. Vermillion was tiny compared to what she'd seen all her life; the fishing town's tallest building was a lone hotel, and that was barely three floors. It didn't matter, anyway. They'd only be here for half an hour tops, then off to the meeting place. She was still a bit suspicious of that brunette's plan. How did she know the rest weren't Galactic's informants, sent to sniff her out? Who was to say they weren't just waiting for the right time, whenever that was? Then again, in the two years since she made payroll off of those stolen silph scopes, the organization hadn't been able to find her
The sound of Raze's impatient growl brought Elle out of her paranoid trance. What was wrong with her? If they hadn't tracked the stolen goods back to her by now, odds were they never would. Her eyes flicked over the city's dim lights once more, then she leaned in close to her partner. The near-invisible steam emanating from the lizard's flesh was blissfully warm; she was almost tempted to just snuggle the pokemon like she did when she was little. But there was work to be done.
"Alright," she whispered. "Here's your part..."

Some twenty minutes later, Vermilion City's police force was pacing around and inside a local couple's home, questioning the frightened pair and inspecting a large hole in one wall. What the thieves had taken, for this was clearly a robbery, wasn't nearly as troubling as the nature of the hole. Rather than having been broken, the glass was melted at the edges of the jagged opening. Whatever the cause, it had to be hot enough to vaporize glass and controlled enough to leave the house standing. The crime would go unsolved, but the residents and local law enforcement involved would puzzle about the incident for weeks to come.
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Name: Anya Aonair
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Appearance: Anya has black hair down below her shoulder blades, kept in a ponytail. Her eyes are deep set and emerald green. She has tanned olive skin, and a lean build. She wears tight black pants and a similar top under a long, tattered red cloak. She wars a black mask over her mouth as well as a tight sash she uses as a belt. She also uses it to store her falchions. Image reference:
( She is about 5'8".
Personality: Anya is quiet and brooding. When she does talk, she tends to be very cynical and jaded. She goes unnoticed by many people, and prefers it that way.
History: Anya was raised by her family in a remote part of Route 228 until Pokémon were banned. Now she lives within a secret community of people and Pokémon. She hatched Saphira when she was twelve, after receiving the egg as a gift from her former neighbour, Dax, who had been her best friend since they were around four years old. Dax also is currently in the secret community.  More in the starter post.


Nickname: Saphira
Species: Gabite
Gender: Female
Starting level: 24
Current move set:
Hone Claws

Other Details:(optional)
Ability: Sand Veil
Nature: Jolly
Starter Post:

On the exposed parts of her skin, Enya could feel the desert heat. She could see the blinding glow from sand reflected sunlight through her closed eyelids. She could smell the dusty grit of the sand everywhere around her.

She took a breath and opened her eyes. Six attackers, three armed. She whipped out her falchions and raised one up to block the first attack Breathe in, and swung the other cleanly through his midsection. She grabbed another enemy Breathe out, knocking him off his feet and onto her blade. She swung him into another enemy Breathe in, then pulled her blade out from him and stabbed another in one smooth movement. Breathe out The other two (armed) began attacking her from either side. Breathe in She blocked their first two attacks, and then swept one off his feet Breathe in, bringing the movement up into a double slash across the other's chest Breathe out, finishing by stabbing into the last attacker. She blinked, and he was gone; back to the dust and shadows of her imagination once more. I have trained for this for years. I begin later today. I will be ready.[/b] She wiped sweat off her brow and readied herself to begin the exercise again when Saphira came over and nudged her head under Anya's hand. She looked down. "Alright, girl. We'll go home."

They headed across the dunes to the secret entrance of the community's hideout-
which had been blown wide open. She rushed in and headed to the main room, jumping over bodies and not seeing any signs of life. Human and pokémon alike lay on the ground, pools of red spread around them. She reached the main room and immediately spotted the person she was looking for. She rushed over and put her hands on his shoulders. "DAX!"

Slowly, he opened one eye, and coughed. "Hey," he said in a weak voice. "Don't... talk. I don't ha... time. Take... Skar..." He faded a bit, and Anya stood up, blinking away a tear. He reached up and feebly grabbed her shirt. "Set him free..." Anya nodded. He slumped back and breathed his last. Anya closed his eyes and murmured a brief prayer to Arceus and Yveltal for safe passage through the afterlife.

She got up and ran to the rookery, sweeping back the curtain in front of the door and unlocking it with her key. She walked in and mounted the Skarmory within. "C'mon, Skar." The two of them flew off, heading for the diglett tunnel.

And here she was. She had already set Skar free and was at the tunnel mouth. She took a deep breath. Here we go.[/b] She started, noting that she had smelled smoke, and drew a falchion. She crept into the cave, locating an alcove where the smoke was apparently coming from. She whipped around the corner and put her blade to the throat of the person in there. She stated the first part of the agreed password: "When the Noctowl sleeps, how does its head droop?"
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well he isnt going to use his full power all the time. He may be level 52 but he wont use his power all the way. (like Pikachu from the anime. That Pikachu is level 100 or higher yet it can get pawned by Nate's Snivy.
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@DisturbedHaxorus Looks good!

@Dorchadas Woah, woah, woah, slow down there. I'm sorry, I'm going to have to be a little critical here. Okay, first off, Unova? The only regions mentioned were Sinnoh and Kanto, things are still normal in Unova. Second, please ask me before holding a sword to my characters throat and asking for a password I don't know the answer to.

Your app is mostly fine, please change the first point and talk to me about the second.
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((Sorry for the double post, but it seems like a good time to start. OpalRhea and sb2k, you can still join if you still want to, just pm me. That goes for anyone else who may want to join as well.))

Anise gasped, surprised by the sudden newcomer and the sudden presents of a sword precariously close to her neck. She shook nervously as she tried to remember what the second part of the password was. "The Noctowl's head droops away from the blinding sun," she finally remembered. "Could, umm... could you let  me go now?" she asked as she looked up at the older woman.

Dusk, meanwhile was just arriving back, carrying a few sticks. Not enough to actually be used as firewood, really they looked more suited to skewer marshmallows. However, when Dusk saw the stranger with a sword to her masters throat, she dropped the sticks and started to use Night Shade on the stranger. "Dusk, no! Stop! You're not helping!" Anise yelled at the ghost, stopping her before she could finish her attack.
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She sheathes her blades and looked back at Anise. "It's fine, I wouldn't have been-" Saphira jumped out, intending to use Outrage on Dusk, and Anya caught her by the head. "-hurt that much. But you have remarkable control over your Ghastly. You obviously have a strong bond." She set Saphira down and sat herself, picking up one of the pieces of 'firewood' and throwing it for Saphira to fetch.
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"Now arriving at Vermillion City!" A port attendant called. "All passengers must be inspected by Galactic Officials before entering. Anyone who fails to pass inspection will immediately be detained for questioning by the Galactic Administrators."

Kitt and Kenji nodded at each other. It was time to see if their disquises worked. They moved in line with the other passengers and a Team Galactic grunt moved down the line. He paused in front of Kenji. "Excuse me. Can you remove the cloak?" It looked like the cover was blown but Kenji kept calm none the less.

I am afraid I cannot do that. You see, sir, I am disfigured underneath and I would be humiliated if I am seen in public. Kenji replied telepathically.

The Grunt tilted his head. "Is this true?" He turned to Kitt and Kitt gulped.

"Yes sir. This is my grandfather, Kenji. We are visiting my parents here in Vermillion City." The Grunt muttered under his breath and then went to consult the two Administrators standing behind him.!

Indeed With that, Kenji and Kitt quickly jumped out of line and started running. The Grunt spun around and pointed towards them. "After those two! Detain them quickly!"

The two did not pause until they were running to the eastern part of the city. They spotted Diglett Tunnel. Here will be a good spot to hide Kenji stated, as they rushed into the Tunnel. He formed an Aura Sphere and launched it from the folds of the cloak. As soon as Kitt dashed in, the sphere struck the top of the cavern and rocks crumbled down to block the entrance. The sounds of the rocks crumbling echoed all down the tunnel so whomever was inside with them could've heard it.

"Okay....we should be safe now." Kitt said. "You can put the hood down." Kenji did so, revealing his face and ears. "Okay, how are we going to navigate through this maze?"

Our bond is strong enough so I can share what I see with my Aura. Kitt nodded and closed his eyes. Kenji did the same and his ears rose up. Kitt was then seeing the world in a blue screen. Follow me. With that Kenji walked down the ladder and into the tunnel itself, with Kitt following closely behind.
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 Mark sat on a bench chomping down on his second hot dog. "Do you know how these are made? It's disgusting. I shouldn't even be eating them. You should." Mark said in a huff, talking to his backpack. A few passerbys looked at him strangely, but most people tried to ignore the boy that was talking to his backpack. He shoved the last bit into his mouth, and sighed, wiping the miscellaneous condiments off of his mouth with his hand.

He stood up, threw the backpack over his shoulders, and began to walk towards the designated meeting place.

When he finally arrived after the uneventful walk, he took a glance around and could hear some talking back and forth. The voices sounded familiar enough, and he doubted the meeting spot had been infiltrated, so he put his bag down on the ground, and opened it up. Like a jack-in-the-box, Diesel sprung out and on all fours. Mark resealed the bag, and kept walking towards the sound of conversation.

The cavern shook for a second, and Mark got down, with Diesel quickly running underneath him. There was a loud crash, and the way he entered seemed to collapse under a bunch of rocks. Mark sprung to his feet and started running towards his comrades, Diesel running close at his heels.

He saw both Anise and Anya, and ran so he was a couple feet away. He huffed in a deep breath. "Did you guys hear that?!" he asked, turning his head over his shoulder. If his heart were beating any faster, it may have been audible.
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Kitt and Kenji followed each other, relying on Kenji's aura sense. However, after a few feet Kenji paused. He sensed three humans and Pokemon up ahead around...a campfire. They didn't have evil aura surrounding them at all. They felt...normal.

Should we trust they are not of Team Galactic? Kenji asked, uncertain to move forward. Kitt nodded.

"They appear to be friendly, but keep your guard up." Kitt instructed. They continued towards the campfire and they both opened their eyes again. Kenji's ears lowered. There were three people indeed. One had a Buizel, one had a Charmeleon, and one had a Gastly. Kitt tried to smile.

"I am Kitsami." Kitt said. "This partner Kenji."

Greetings Kenji announced telepathically.
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Anise smiled at Anya, "Thanks. Yeah, we're pretty close. We've been together for as long as I can remember," she said, glancing fondly at Dusk before a loud noise took her attention. The cavern shook, it sounded like part of it collapsed farther inside. A few stones shook loose from the ceiling, one almost hitting Anise, had she not noticed it and ducked out of the way.

She saw Mark running toward them, asking "Did you guys hear that?!"

Anise nodded, "Yeah, you'd have to be deaf not to. I wonder what happened...? Wait, you don't think they found out about our plans and tried to seal off the entrances so we couldn't escape, do you?" she speculated as a look of distress crossed her face.

Soon after, someone she didn't recognize had appeared. He introduced himself as Kitt and his partner, a Lucario, Kenji. She studied him for a moment, trying to make out his intentions. She looked over to Dusk and silently asked her to inspect the newcomer. The Ghastly floated closer to the pair and stared intently at each, as if trying to read their minds, which, as far as Anise knew, may have been exactly what it was doing. Once satisfied with her inspection, the Dusk turned back to her trainer and called. Anise smiled, "She says you're okay," she told the trainer. "I'm Anise, and the Ghastly trying to stare into your soul is my partner, Dusk," she said with a small giggle. "Sorry about that, by the way. Can't be too careful in these times. By the way, did you hear that noise earlier? Any idea what it was?"
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Kenji nodded. I apologize. We just came from the Sevii Islands. We...ran into some trouble with port authority.

"Me and Kenji fled in here and he used Aura Sphere to block the entrance. That was the noise you heard. We can always exit via Pewter City. Team Galactic knows we are here. I am willing to fight if we are discovered though." He was not at all werided out by Gastly.

In case you didn't notice, I can use Telepathy. I can also detect auras. Your Gastly likes you very much. Same with you other two. So what are you? A rebellion group I am guessing.

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((Sorry for the delay))
Elle's eyes slowly creaked open. What was all the damned noise?
She groggily sat up as she tried to remember what had happened since she fell asleep. They'd made it to the tunnel last night, soon after raiding that house in Vermillion. They ate just about all of the stash they'd gotten away with, a few loaves of bread and a sack of berries, then fell asleep on a rocky outcropping a few meters into the tunnel. She recalled hearing sounds in the middle of the night, and could have sworn she woke up briefly and saw someone crouched by a dying fire.
Whatever. It didn't really matter; what concerned her was Raze pushing her snout into Elle's shoulder and growling at her. The little dragon knew something was going on, and had been trying to wake her for the past five minutes. She sighed and rolled to her feet, then got a slight shock of surprise when she saw a small group gathered on the tunnel floor. She managed to hear part of what one of them was saying.
"Team Galactic knows we are here..."
Elle was fully awake now. Now things were starting to get exciting... She glanced at Raze. "What do you say, should we make this fun?" The charmeleon crouched at the edge of the little plateau, staring down at the assembled group beneath them. She seems eager, Elle thought with a chuckle. No more stalling, now. She swung her legs over the edge of the outcropping and slid down without hesitation. Raze gave an excited bark and jumped after her.
"What's going on here?" she said with a grin.
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Kenji looked up to see a girl with the Charmeleon he detected earlier.

"Mind if we sit?" Kitt asked Anise before turning to the girl. " part of the group? I am Kitsami and I'm from Sevii Island One."
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Anya leaps to her feet and starts walking away, but looks back. "I need some air. I'll be back." She clicks her tongue and Saphira comes up to her side. "Be careful." She walks out to a high outcrop and surveys the area. "I don't trust most of these people, Saphira. Any of them could be a spy. We should stay on guard."
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"No, go ahead," Anise replied to Kitt before turning her attention to Anya, "Oh, okay."

She waved for Dusk to come closer. "If she goes out of sight, follow her. Keep out of sight, make sure she doesn't know you're there, and don't bother her, just keep an eye on her. If she does anything suspicious, come back and tell me," She quietly instrusted the Ghastly. Dusk nodded and disappeared into the wall. Like that, she could only be detected by someone like Anise, who was sensitive to the presence of ghosts, or someone who could detect aura like a Lucario. Anise's only worry was that Dusk would let her mischievous nature get the better of her.

"It's not that I don't trust her, but I don't want to take any risks," she mumbled. She walked back to the campfire, which was dying down, and sat. She sighed and rested her head on her hands,"or maybe I'm just paranoid."
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Elle stared at the boy and cocked her head, a smirk on her lips.
"Name's Elle. And yeah, I guess you could call me a part of this little rebellion."
Out of the corner of her eye, she saw the brunette girl return to the fire and put her head in her hands; looked like her day had been ruined. Elle almost dismissed the thought of talking to her, but realized that comforting her might get the girl to warm up to her. Couldn't hurt, in any event. I could use an ally. She cleared her throat and jerked her head toward the other girl to bring the boy's attention to her, then walked over and sat next to the other girl, putting a hand gently on her shoulder.
"You doing alright?" she asked, flashing her most charming smile."You seem a little more stressed than everyone else here, and that's saying something."
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Kitt took a seat by the campfire and Kenji sat down further back. "I am hungry. I forgot my pack back on the boat but I'm sure authority got them. Anyways, I should apologize for appearing out of the blue like this. I am Kitsami, as stated before. You may call me Kitt. I.." he was careful to say the next words. "..was a Team Galactic grunt before I knew of Cyrus's plan. I freed Kenji who was being experimented on as a Riolu and we have been traveling since then."

You needn't worry on Kitt's intentions. I trust him with my life. Kenji added. They did cruel things to me and it was because of Kitt I am free. He is a changed man.
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Anise sat up and looked at Elle, "Hm? Yeah, I guess... I hate being this suspicious. I want to trust everyone, but I don't want anything going wrong." She sighed, "I'll be fine though. Thanks," she smiled at the other girl. She paused for a moment, then asked, "What about you? Aren't you worried?"

She heard Kitt speak up. "I believe you. Besides, even if I didn't, the gas around Ghastly is toxic and known to cause suffocation," she said, mostly as a joke, but still somewhat serious. She slipped off her backpack and rummaged through it until she found a few small bags of trail mix. "Here, catch," she tossed one to Kitt, "it's not much, but it's all I could find that wouldn't spoil quickly." She left the rest in the bag and closed it up. She felt bad about not giving anyone else any, but she had to make what little food she had last. She was sure they would understand.
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Kitt caught the bag of trail mix and opened it up. He offered some to Kenji who ate half the bag before handing it back.

"Thank you so much." Kitt said, eating the rest of the bag. "Me and Kenji always share the food."

I just picked up traces of Team Galactic grunts outside the cave. They have Excadrill with them. Kenji had alarm in his voice and rose to his feet.

"Great...I guess we have no choice but to fight em. Excadrill can tunnel through the rocks." Kenji nodded, anxious to do battle.
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Blegh, forgot about this. Any chance of reviving the thread? :p
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Personally, I'd love to, but a few of the people who were in it don't seem to be active in the forums anymore. If anyone is interested, I could think of a few ways to revive it. If those who were in it want to continue, say so here and we can either:

1. continue the way we were, and I can find a way to write those who are no longer active out


2. start over again in a new thread.

either way, I should also be able to re-open apps, so if anyone else wants to join, also say so.
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I would be interested possibly but I need to decide on a mon since i'm probably not going to go typical torchic. Gotta mix things up.
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Starting over would be fine with me, preferably with the same character. She was too fun a concept to waste.
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Alright, I was kinda leaning toward starting over anyway. Using the same character is fine. I'll post the new thread soon. Maybe tomorrow, since I'm busy today. Everything should be more or less the same, so if you want to make a new character or tweak your old one, feel free to do that based on my first posts, though don't post it here, wait until the new thread is made and post there. I'll be sticking with the same character.